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  1. Hi Once, Nice To Meet You :D

    Sure whenever you want to talk we can chat in discord or pm's!
  2. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    I know never going to give up on that, and might plan a trip there next year
  3. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    One day I'll be able to attend anything twice related
  4. Oc, imagine if she gets jelly just like she does with momorin I'd die for sure.
  5. [INFO] Winners Of The 15th Korean Music Awards

    Happy for bangtan they deserve it
  6. I think everyone knows my choice
  7. [PIC] 180223 TWICE x MLB

    I loved all of those pics, omg momo sana and jeong
  8. I loved the different ways she has to just walk lul

    I loved those.

    jeongyeon looks adorable
  11. [VID] TWICE Candy Pop CD Opening

    Oh gawd, loved your reaction at the end lmao, you really didn't know what to do after you got momo
  12. [PICS/VLIVE] 180222 VLive update

    They are so funny, I have to watch this vlive
  13. [VID] 180222 TWICE「BRAND NEW GIRL」Music Video

    I loved every part of the video and jeongyeon was more than beautiful, omg! Also Mihyo was PERFECT!
  14. Hai :D

    Haai and welcome to TTF! Hope you have a fantastic stay in here and make lots of chingus! Don't hesitate to ask any member if you have any doubts how something works and make sure to read the rules
  15. [VID] TWICE Candy Pop CD Opening

    Omg must be amazing to live there and have this chance! I'm happy for you btw hope we can be friends
  16. [VID] TWICE Candy Pop Cafe in Tokyo

    I'm jealous it looks amazing in there! I bet you enjoyed every second
  17. New Once

    Hello and welcome to TTF! Hope you have a fantastic experience in here