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  1. I haven't join any other fandoms apart from ONCE but I do follow a lot of groups but not to that extend lul, I know a lot stuff about BTS just because my cousin is a really hardcore stan of them but I wouldn't call myself an ARMY
  2. [JEONGYEONIST/POLL] Jeongyeon hair debate!

    Any hairstyle suit my bias, she is gorgeous no matter what style she is wearing, but I do believe her best moments where when she had grey ash hair and likey hair, even the blonde hair make her look like an angel. Medium really suit her whole face and make her pop the most, just look at her
  3. Momo's Hair Style

    I gotta be honest short hair make her look really gorgeous, she looks sexier and cuter at the same time, I can't really describe it, momorin so cute!
  4. [INFO] TWICE Stays Strong With “Heart Shaker”

    They only can get bigger
  5. Dubu finding cameras faster than anyone else in there
  6. Omg I love those, it really show us that our girls are really freaking friendly
  7. Anyone else a Once in the UK?

    Welcome to TTF! I hope you have a great experience here at the forums and make lots of friends and discover new things about the girls, there's a thread for Global Once's you can go there to the UK one, I really like that you are korean! Anyways, there is a discord too if you want to join, you can start any topic there and we can chat about it, goodluck and have fun in here!
  8. [DISCUSSION] Do your friends and family like Twice?

    My family likes their music but not as much as BTS because I played almost all the TWICE M/V's at a christmas party we had and they said they like them but BTS music makes them want to dance more (weird reason Ik), my mom really likes Likey tho she says that is their best song and she really loves jeongyeon in that video and was really surprised a korean could look so gorgeous in short hair that well (her own words lul) she said she is the most gorgeous in that video too (she doesn't like jeongyeon hair in TT and Signal) Almost all my friends listen to them even tho they don't stan them like me lul.
  9. Today was a really good day for me as I started running again since christmas because I was being lazy and spending time with the family :ny-yes:


    Now I'm back in the grind and ran only 1 hour which is lower than my avg but I won't worry too much since is the 1st day, but god I needed that run :jy-jks:

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    2. maxix


      I'll try to run one in June or July!


    3. optzumistic


      Nice! I think I need to stop being lazy now...


    4. maxix


      Start with something light at your nearest gym @optzumistic or if you don't like gyms like me start doing something like jogging or yoga

  10. [DIScUSSION/POLL] Best Twice Japanese Song

    I really like One more time M/V compared to the candy pop one, some parts of the candy pop one are still odd to me, but Candy Pop is a better song and a better theme for the girls imo, nonetheless I love every japanese release so far but some lines in a couple of them are weird because some of them sound way better in korean like the yamete line in the TT (Jap Ver)
  11. We are in the midway of the first month of the year and I hope you all been doing what you love or studying what you like and even if you are not you will find it and enjoy every part of it, so do not give up on any dreams you could have, you can achieve them.



    Also remember we are a family here at TTF.


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    2. maxix


      Why are u sad tt :ny-pout: @Ahn Haeju

      Haai @Lost Penguin :ny-chu:

    3. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @maxix lel mian, life doesn't let me achieve my dreams that I have to change them ^^

    4. maxix


      You never know what the future holds tho, so maybe you can achieve them later on? :jy-cute:

  12. Candy Jeongyeon has it all for me she looks so gorgeous and the lil heart in her chest really pops (just like the song lul) I also like candy Mina because she looks very styilish and well presented, best transformation has to be Sana with her nicki minaj wig, I don't think I'll ever forget this sana look lmao.
  13. [FANMADE] Twice’s Teamwork - Video Edit

    I really liked it keep it up!!
  14. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    I know right it feels a lot more real, and you can imagine more things imo
  15. [DISCUSSION] Twice- Chart for Korea & Asia

    Fighting! That is really good for Candy Pop
  16. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    Was, like many has been said here there's not much time to sit down and read a couple of books in a day like when younger, even though I still try to read at least a book every 3 months just to be healthy using my brain to read a book made of paper instead of reading everything online like I do now. My faves genres are fantasy, horror and sci-fi.
  17. Hello TTF!

    Hai and welcome to TTF I hope you have a fantastic experience at this great community You'll make lots of friends that share the same love for your bias and the girls
  18. Almost 175 % in increasesfor JYP Not really surprised tho
  19. [Question] Sana in 6MIX?

    Ohh she was
  20. [MOMOIST] MOMO the strong eating

    I mean who doesn't think that way? There's so much good food out there that we haven't try yet or even seen
  21. [DISCUSSION] Twice Photocards

    Oh myyy!! 56 pc's of jeongyeon, I envy you so much right now (in a good way)
  22. Okay at first wasn't really into it, but then after listening the whole song, OH MA me likey likey! The last part sounds great
  23. [DISCUSSION] Twice Photocards

    I don't have any yet