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TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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  1. maxix

    [VID] 180406 What Is Love M/V Teaser 5

    this is a much better improvement from the earlier teasers
  2. maxix

    [JEONGYEONIST/POLL] Jeongyeon or Jungyeon?

    Spell it right it's jeongyeon and it will always be
  3. maxix

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    Gimme all of them please
  4. maxix

    Twice Moodboards

    I like them all keep up the good work
  5. maxix

    [INFO] TWICE on Spotify!!

    YAS Finally JYP artists outside of the KR apps, glad he took this step forward
  6. maxix

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: maxix Post Count: 403 Award Requesting: "Candy Pop" - Jeongyeon
  7. Ikr they even did a post IG for them
  8. maxix


    Likey for sure, jeong with red hair
  9. maxix


    It won't be the same without them but I hope weekly idol don't die just because they left.
  10. maxix

    [DISCUSSION] TT is coming for Daddy

    The title is a little misleading, but hopefully will surpass JYP's hit soon!
  11. They are going to release so many bops this year
  12. maxix

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE have their on book

  13. maxix

    Hi Once, Nice To Meet You :D

    Sure whenever you want to talk we can chat in discord or pm's!
  14. maxix

    [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    I know never going to give up on that, and might plan a trip there next year
  15. maxix

    [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    One day I'll be able to attend anything twice related