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  1. bench1278

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    kaya din ba naten makatulong sa voting dun sa mga tv shows sa korea like mnet, naver ung mga ganun? pano po paturo haha <3 support twice until the end
  2. one of the pillars unnie of twice. without her i think it would be chaotic in their dorm, i think? hahaha
  3. bench1278

    [JEONGYEONIST/POLL] Jeongyeon hair debate!

    i prefer her hair on heart shaker, where she could sway her hair <3
  4. simple yet elegant. jeongyeon for the win <3
  5. make more gifs from oppa thinking. she has a lot of screen time on that show haha
  6. i prefer with bangs. but regardless she slays it any style anyway <3
  7. shes too fabulous for the earrings hahaha
  8. bench1278

    [MOMOIST] Why did you like Momo?

    because she is unconsciously cute <3
  9. bench1278


    momoring <3
  10. her laugh. ugh i just cant get enough <3