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  1. [Question] Sana in 6MIX?

    hmm I see... wow honestly doesnt sound like a great way to prepare the group for debut since they were actly almost gonna film their mv hahaha
  2. [Question] Sana in 6MIX?

    Hey you all may remember me as the guy who wrote a long TWICE history article haha. Anyways, there is a rather interesting (and maybe controversial?) point that I was thinking about that I didn’t include in the article because (a) there is really not much solid evidence for it especially since it is (b) based primarily on speculation (and I don’t like to make a point in such an article without real evidence) and besides (c) I might actually be overlooking something?? I’m actually not really sure what I think about this. Or perhaps (d) the issue is just down to evil editing. Nonetheless I hope you all can give your opinions regarding this!! Here it goes: During SIXTEEN the show had often mentioned about the 4 former 6MIX members (Nayeon, Jungyeon, Jihyo and Minyoung) being close and wanting to finally get the chance debut together after all their troubles with 6MIX. In fact, in episode 1 Nayeon and Minyoung both explicitly mentioned wanting to the 4 of them to debut with TWICE. But isn’t it rather particular that Sana had never been mentioned together with them? According to most sources that I’ve researched, Sana had been with 6MIX from anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and was also scheduled to debut, yet the only reference to Sana being in 6MIX came from Sana herself in the final episode (where she mentioned that she had been drafted to 6MIX from the Japan Team). In fact, it didn’t seem that Sana was close to any of the former 6MIX members (most explicably in challenge 4, when she said that her group members had never worked with each other even though Minyoung was in the group as well). When you compare this to her obvious stronger relationship with the Japanese members (the comparison can actually be quite stark in the episode where they all were given the day off), it didn’t seem that Sana had actually worked for so long with the previous 6MIX members. Personally I think it may one of the following (or a combination): (a) The 6MIX lineup might have been more unstable than we thought; Sana may not necessarily have been a confirmed member hence the others didn’t really work with her?? (b) Perhaps it was just editing on Mnet’s side to clearly designate Sana as one the Japanese members (conveniently removing the part of her as a former 6MIX). For me this seems most probable but also most irresponsible – I believe the other former members gained some audience sympathy because they almost debuted, and it was sad that Sana wasn’t offered this chance. It still however can’t really discount the statements by Nayeon and Minyoung about only the four former 6MIX wanting to debut together (c) Might there have enmity between Sana and the other 6MIX members? Personally I think this one is unlikely because their interactions seem to stem more from unfamiliarity rather than animosity. Anyways what do you guys think? Is there something I’m missing out? I really am quite unsure what to think about this but I am just glad that all the TWICE members do look like they all are close and getting along well with each other now :)
  3. Twice history!!

    Thanks for the replies guys :)) anyways so sorry about all the typos I was kinda rushing through it (I didnt even have time to proof-read most of it) cos I knew I was gonna be really busy with work like the day I finished it LOL. anyways I will try to edit and correct the mistakes as soon as I'm free again!
  4. Twice history!!

    Anyway here is a snippet from one of the sections about Minyoung's elimination:Minyoung’s elimination seems controversial for two reasons; firstly, as an original member of 6MIX, fans felt that she deserved the chance to showcase her talents, particularly as she had been deemed ready to debut for over a year. Secondly, it can be argued that the final group line-up was vocally weak, hence her addition would strengthen this area, and should have happened especially since JYP already opened up two additional slots to the group to accommodate what he felt was lacking in the group itself. JYP’s assessment was that she was not a right fit for a girl group and would be better off pursuing a solo career. While I am undecided if she could not fit any girl group, I agree that she did not seem to fit TWICE’s sound. She undeniably has a great, mature voice, and it is the kind of voice I do like to listen to, however it was incongruent with the kind of direction that TWICE was heading. While I think her combination with Jihyo on the vocals would have been amazing, it would have to significantly change the image and style for the entire group hence could affect how the impact that the rest of the group members had as it did not play to the strengths of the rest of the group. That is not to say that she could sing the kind of songs and the kind of way TWICE sings, but firstly, it would be unfair to her and not be pushing her to her best potential. Given that she already seemed to be low on confidence with her singing during SIXTEEN, it would also have been a big risk to hope that she would be able to adapt to the group style adequately. On a different kind of group, or as a solo artist, given time to regain her confidence, she could very well be successful, however I doubt this would have happened had she been put on TWICE’s final line-up at that point.But what if you disagreed with both JYP and my opinion and felt that she could fit well in TWICE? In this case I feel that there were still several issues that may have crossed JYP’s mind when he decided against debuting her in this group. Firstly, we have to consider her skill set; her dancing was not considered above average within the group, she cannot rap, was not the most attractive nor was she very popular in the polls. She did, however, have one of the two best voices in SIXTEEN (alongside Jihyo). Hence, were she in TWICE, Minyoung would have been one of the lead singers, replacing one of Nayeon or Jungyeon. Evidently, she would improve the vocal capability of the group (assuming, again, that her voice adepts well to the kind of songs that TWICE sings) - a point oft raised against TWICE. But would it be worth kicking off two very popular members to do so? One to keep in mind that both were constantly high on polls among the audience while also amassing respect amongst the other members (both were ranked among the top 3, alongside Jihyo, as the most deserving to debut by their fellow SIXTEEN contestants). Minyoung, however, was far less popular. It would have been far easier and much better in marketing TWICE as a group by promoting Nayeon and Jungyeon, while it would also cause more controversy if the latter two were not picked. Besides that, Nayeon and Jungyeon were considered better all-rounded performers; while Minyoung was still struggling to show off her voice, her biggest asset, throughout the competition. Even if TWICE’s sound were to improve with Minyoung, would it have been worth it? TWICE has been lip-syncing for most of their concerts - a common practice among K-pop groups. Hence, vocal stability when singing and dancing live was not considered an utmost priority; this was seen as something that could have been developed over time. This was something that seemed typical of JYP groups. 2PM, for instance, was chastised initially for their weak vocals, but they have improved over time; this perhaps may be the same kind of model that JYP envisioned with TWICE. Perhaps there was the idea that current vocal ability may be compromised at the time being as that could be worked on in the future; therefore, the focus would be on finding the type of members that would fit the group’s image and sound, while at the same be able to market the group well. This may have been why JYP was willing to lose Minyoung over Nayeon or Jungyeon.Another alternative would have been to substitute Minyoung for one of the sub-vocalists, Mina and Tzuyu, and then relegate one of Nayeon or Jungyeon as a sub-vocalist instead. But again, having one of the two latter as a sub-vocalist instead of main vocalist reduces their marketing ability; Minyoung would take more of the spotlight on her as a main vocalist while the sub-vocalist would have to content with having less lines and less of the spotlight. Moreover, this move negates the key advantages that the current two sub-vocalists have; Tzuyu for instance was already the most popular member amongst the public and is the main visual of the group. Being Taiwanese, she would also make it easier to advertise the group in China; a huge market for a K-pop group to be able to tap on. This makes her easily on the most marketable members of the group, which helps to compensate for her much weaker vocal skills. Mina, on the other hand, is also one amongst the more popular members and, while being a part of a trio of Japanese members, gives TWICE a huge advantage in the Japanese market over other groups. Moreover, she is considered the second-best dancer in the group after Momo; but beyond that her past experience in ballet makes her a different kind of dancer who can do moves that other members are unable to. This allows for more variety in the group’s dance; and in a team built upon variety, this is a big advantage. These are certain specialities that Minyoung would have been unable to replace, and would present a loss to the group if these members were not selected.The final possibility would have been to add her in the 10th member of TWICE. Firstly, this would have resulted in a surplus of vocalists, affecting the balance of the group. Again, the more marketable vocalists Nayeon and Jungyeon would be receiving fewer lines, while also being featured less in the group. Secondly, such a move would add even more controversy given that it was initially assumed that there were only going to be 7 members. Putting in 3 additional members may seem a step too far, making a farce of the whole competition and jeopardising the legitimacy and marketability of the group. The addition of Tzuyu seemed acceptable given that she was the public’s choice, whereas Momo’s addition was seen as a more necessary step to improve the level of dancing in the group. A third addition to improve vocal ability would then question the whole point of the competition; why have a survival show when one eventually needs to handpick to improve all major aspects of the group? Furthermore, given the tradition of JYP groups to improve vocally over time, perhaps it was deemed too risky a move to make an executive decision to have her in the group at all costs.Nonetheless, for all the discussion of balance and marketability, the main issue was with Minyoung herself. She just could not perform on stage as well as she might have done previously in her trainee days. When JYP chose to add Momo back into the line-up, he could have easily chosen Minyoung instead. He had a choice between making TWICE a dance-centric or a vocal-centric team. I feel, however, that JYP only had one real option; while Minyoung faltered many times in the competition, Momo continually put on top quality dances performance after performance. Could he risk letting Momo leave when he wasn’t sure if Minyoung could rediscover her confidence in time? Could he have justified to the audience that Minyoung was a bigger game-changer for the group compared to Momo, when the former did not prove it while the latter could?It hence seems that there were a series of circumstances that made it inconceivable to have Minyoung in the final line-up. This does not mean that the group would definitely have faltered with her in it; rather the group may just as well have outperformed the current line-up. It is my belief that adding Minyoung in any of the possible ways would have too much of risk to the success of the group at that point in time, juxtaposed to her potentially leaving the company if she did not debut. One has to remember that this group was JYP’s biggest gamble; he had sacrificed the debut of three groups, all of whom he was unsure of their potential success, to form one big group that he knew had to succeed against the girl groups by SM, YG and all the other companies. He knew that the girls he didn’t debut could very well choose to leave the company, and this was particularly dangerous given that most were likely to be from his future girl group that he didn’t intend to debut until 2017. He was risking the future, and in this state of mind, it is understandable why he just could not take a risk in the present with Minyoung.
  5. Twice history!!

    Hey there, I'm huge ONCE so i kind of wrote a long article analysing their pre-debut history and I was hoping you guys might want to check it out! The link to the website with the articles: http://twicehistory.blogspot.sg/ The full article download link is also available on the website so do download if you're interested!! Hope you guys can tell me what you think:)