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  1. Aseroth

    My self

    Hey welcome @#TWICE fellow newbee to the forum! How did I got mentioned in here? lol Kidding aside, hope you enjoy your stay and like me, browse through all the good stuff in here, while make good online friends along the way!
  2. so many pretty faces in one picture... As I've mentioned in one post, Mina is really something... that pic... she looks really refined... Sana is really getting prettier and prettier as day goes by... or is it just me?
  3. Aseroth


    Voted for Sana, coz Sana... But tbh, all these shoulder talk weirdly reminds me of Likey, and all I can remember are Sana's and Mina's shoulders, couldn't vote for both, so I chose Sana ;)
  4. Aseroth


    Voted multiple, too many in fact lol... Some I loved the theme, some i loved my bias' exposure and some just the plain genius of the Director, choreography, camera, post editors, Twice themselves, and the whole staff that has placed in order to create such videos. The heart shaker ending was simply a choreography and cinematography genius (at least for me) to incorporate such ideas, TT and Signal's take on different supernatural phenomenon due to the time of release or the theme of the song was really good, and their prelude to the next video such as the Twicetagram on KK and the Heart Shaker sign on Signal, quite smart too, just to name a few. :)
  5. Just a member hierarchy as my bias Sana-Mina-Momo Nayeon-Tzuyu-Jihyo Jeongyeon Chaeyoung-Dahyun Really love their J-Line :) But to be honest, Everyone's amazing, all are talented, pretty and just impressive at the very least.
  6. A bodyguard, that way I can always protect the ones that bring lots of joy, love and smiles to millions of people, not only ONCE, but TWICE..! I am very protective of things I cherish so it would suit me very well too.
  7. Aseroth

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] The smartest Member of Twice

    Voted for Mina, I don't know much about their academic prowess, but if I use prejudice on this poll, I'd say she look, act, and speak smart for at least the shows (variety or others) that they have appeared on... I am in no way saying the others lacked or do not have the qualities I mentioned, they may probably surpassed her a lot... I guess I just focused more on what I wanted to see... cheers XD
  8. Aseroth

    Hey there!

    Hey! thanks all for the welcome :D I was trying to find that thread here, thanks @Picapict FF is a very strong RPG with a very strong franchise, not a bad way to start, continue or refresh your Japanese RPG genre! :) sorry for being off-topic. Thanks all, this is truly is a wonderful, and very much welcoming community. :) See you around all!
  9. Aseroth

    Hey there!

    Hey @ScruffyBuddy and @Twice.Arts thanks! See you around!
  10. Aseroth

    Hey there!

    A gamer even before I learn how to read, lol. I love the J-Line of Twice, no demeaning of any member intended, love them all! That hairflip... can't look away... (O_O)
  11. Aseroth

    Hey there!

    Hey Pica and Kz, Thanks for the warm welcome and the links to the guide and rules, will be checking that... Well Aseroth is just a play on Sephiroth's name (the main antagonist in a game, Final Fantasy VII) Same here! I think I'll very much be staying here since I'm too drawn to Twice. Love your signature gif, Mina truly is astounding!
  12. Aseroth

    -모챙 TV Episode List-

    oh! thanks for the links :) Very much appreciated!
  13. Surprise Kiss! Doesn't get any better than that :D
  14. Aseroth

    Hey there!

    Hey all! New to the forum, thanks for the welcome and Happy New year all! Bias: Sana #nosananolife Looking forward to another great year! Thanks all!
  15. Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.