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  1. SecretiveClarinet

    [MOMOIST/POLL] Momo: Cute or Sexy?

    I'd say sexy Momo, but the only place where I liked sexy Momo was in Signal, and I'm not entirely that was meant to be sexy. It sure felt like it to me though
  2. SecretiveClarinet

    [MINAIST/OTHER] mina ballet

    Okay, wow, didn't know she did ballet. And I hear she does ice-skating as well? Not sure how true that is, but dang she's good
  3. SecretiveClarinet

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Esmerelda - Ben Howard
  4. You know, I've never noticed that before, and now that's all I notice when I see her...maybe she's a Parseltongue, eh? Geddit? Cuz the tongue and....oh nevermind
  5. SecretiveClarinet

    [GAME] True or False Game

    False, luckily my headphones weren't set too high volume I was expecting some horror movie jump scare or something like that lol The person below loves Star Trek more than Star Wars.
  6. SecretiveClarinet

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    Anyone from Puchong here? Seems quiet here. Also a sone btw
  7. SecretiveClarinet


    I know right! That level of cuteness should not be biologically possible!!
  8. SecretiveClarinet

    [MINAIST/POLL] Very Important and Difficult Mina Poll

    Surely this depends on whether you mean flawless as in perfect or flawless as in no internal defects. One implies a perfect human being while the other also implies a perfect human being. Or perhaps you mean flawless as in a flawless diamond, in which case we might be on to something here. A diamond is made of carbon, and what else contains carbon? Humans. Guess who is human? Mina! There's a pattern here guys. Mina was born in 1997. What else happened in 1997? Pokemon was premiered in Japan in 1997, one of the most perfect anime shows of all time. Coincidence? I. Think. Not!!
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