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I. Am. Jihyo's

The Story Begins
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  1. lol i'm laughing so hard right now

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    2. optzumistic
    3. Dahyun.exe
    4. Phebe


      @Dahyun.exe Emma's attacking me online

      She's being a scary cat and won't fight me in real life smh

  2. i can neither confirm nor deny
    1. Phebe


      Stop harassing me

  3. Is you still coming to the library to meet us?

    1. Phebe


      no begone

  4. Yesssss Stray Kids Honestly they are my new favorite band- Their debut was fire, and the message they send with their music is so inspiring and relatable. I think they have a style slightly different from BTS tho- It's slightly more rap centered and rock-ish However, I definitely see them reaching similar levels of success as BTS! WE NEED A FANDOM NAME ASAP
  5. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    May I have the #WhatIsLove- Love award please? Thanks! :)
  6. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [JIHYOIST/POLL] Jihyo with / without bangs ?

    I think I'm slightly more partial to her without bangs, but I love both hairstyles on her- In my book, Jihyo can do no wrong when it comes to hair!
  7. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [GAME] Kpop songs

    I have never delved into their music much. Stray Kids :)
  8. Screenshot_2018_04_03_at_5_54_05_PM.png 

    6 6 6 6 sign of the devil... and his significant other lol

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    2. Phebe


      @I. Am. Jihyo's D A B

      getchu some awards 

    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      @Phebe I ordered the 3rd one! :) 

    4. Phebe


      @I. Am. Jihyo's Ayy nice, choosing the best one made by the best person :ny-tough:

  9. I. Am. Jihyo's

    New Chrome theme's

    Same here lol These are so cute- I wish I could apply them to my browser waeeee Awesome job creating them btw- I could never be able to make stuff like this since I'm really bad at doing any form of graphic design/editing online xD
  10. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [VID] 180404 What Is Love M/V Teaser 3

    So excited to listen! Can't wait for the full choreography, too!
  11. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [INFO] TWICE on Spotify!!

  12. The Great Wall of Psy has been broken! *cackles*- ONCE FIGHTING! Ooh, we're so close to surpassing BIGBANG! (On a side note, I'm shocked that BBoom BBoom, Mic Drop Remix, and DNA all recieve averages of around 1,000,000 views per day! That's a lot of views.)
  13. Their Mixtape is FIYAH! Felix is my lifeu. Stray Kids FIGHTING!
  14. I. Am. Jihyo's

    [FANART] What Is Love? Wallpaper

    Maybe you should try to do one you think will be better then.