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  1. Found this video in youtube wonder if new ONCES ever seen this video
  2. Have you guys listen to it in 0.25 speed.It sounded so scary and cringe.
  3. So far i know that camila cabello and sabrina carpenter likes Twice
  4. My favourite merchandise is Twice Likey all members photocards and Twicetagram
  5. I can't find any gif in the size 300x225 anyone can help me
  6. [DISCUSSION/OPINION] Twice Likey Cover

    Well to me is a little obscene for underage but not really for teenagers
  7. I am not sure if this cover of TWICE Likey should be ban or not.What do you guys think
  8. Thx Me too i've been seeing them recycling all of the same news
  9. May i know what do you meant by label properly
  10. Well personally i don't think she is instead her vocal make the songs better so as the rest of the member
  11. I have been trying to find for TTF discord server but i couldn't find it.If anyone can send me the link it would be helpful thank you!!!
  12. [DISCUSSION] Twice song

    Have you guys listen to the 'Twice Song'? https://youtu.be/YdeeXDO--cs
  13. People who know Kpop

    Let's play a game by listing famous people from all over the world who love Kpop except South Korea duhh GLHF

    OPPSSS........... Sorry i won't make the same mistake again. OPPSSS........... Sorry i won't make the same mistake again.