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  1. She look so beautiful even with her tears
  2. This is why i don't ship them https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kim-heechul-apologizes-to-momo-chooses-another-girl-instead/
  3. #Twice


    Hi there Welcome to TTF Feel free to post as much as you like Lets be friends I am a stalker
  4. I know i dare to challenge her to a dance off so do you guys wanna see my dance it's said to be one of the most fearsome dance ever written in history Brace yourself ONCE
  5. Any ONCE can cry better than Mina herself? Credits:koreaboo
  6. Lol Tzuyu the bodyguard https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/tzuyu-blocks-nayeon-talking-male-idols/
  7. #Twice

    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    Ohh too bad I can’t participate as my pc is not here yet so I can’t be online hope you guys win though I would love to win an album
  8. Hi guys I know it’s been a very long time since I have visited TTF :jy-cry:

    i hope to guys are doing well I am feeling very sad since my ticket to Twiceland is wasted as they canceled their concert I hope I get my pc back and can be more active


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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      awww must be hard for you :jy-cry:

    3. Zaito


      @Ahn Haeju What about me, I am on the same boat too :6:

    4. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @Zaito ah you too? aww pls be stroong :') :mimo-hug:

  9. #Twice

    Sad life

    My pc died and when i came back to look at TTF again today i was so shock to see how it has change.Good job @Kh3ngboon hope TTF will be great again.I am not sure if i can stay with TTF anymore TT
  10. So sad :jy-cry:

    Bye guys:ny-peek:


  11. Found this video and it creep me out https://www.facebook.com/Nach.Andry/videos/2139842976238328/
  12. Well lets see during the sixteen era she is considered to be one of the top visual while dahyun is famous because of her eagle dance and sana is famous for her sillyness,momo is famous for her dance,jihyo is famous for her long term trainee years,chaeoung is famous because of her rapping style and she even got a recognition,tzuyu is not really famous during the sixteen era since she was a introvert,jeongyeon is famous for her saxophone and nayeon is famous because everyone thought she was the maknae.
  13. #Twice

    logic 100

    Just to show
  14. My favourite merchandise is Twice Likey all members photocards and Twicetagram
  15. Aish pokai liao bo lui leh

    cannot post a lot cause very busy so got no Wonce.

    C liao


  16. #Twice

    logic 100

    Legend btw nice signature
  17.              TT


  18. #Twice

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    username:#Twice Post count:863 award requesting:DTNA Mina Please replace it with my one more time Mina
  19. #Twice

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    BOTH pls
  20. #Twice

    [DAHYUNIST/PIC] Daily Tofu

    Lol btw this is the only time I will be online until my WiFi is back and my pc
  21. #Twice

    My self

    Hi guys!! this is my first time here although i have been a fan of twice since JYP announce of debuting a new girl group don't bias anyone in Twice cause i like all of them as they are my source of life!!! My dream is to see Twice and i am writing songs for them i hope jyp will like it.Most i my friends told me that i am retard but i don't care.Some of my friends told me they like Twice cause they are sexy and hot but what i felt is like slapping their face in a pile of turt cause that is not how u respect an idol and they are what u idolize not seeing by their looks so i have never seen any once who like their song,vocals and personality what is see is they only like them for their looks i do not know what people now days are thinking but i am ashamed. I will post in korean and japanese to cause i learnt them and i know majority of once are from Korean and Japan although i am not that good in japanese and korea 난 한국에 게시할 예정 나 그들을 배운 원인 일본 그리고 한국과 일본에서 한 번의 대부분은 알고 韓国語で掲載する予定が発生する日本に学んだし、私は韓国と日本から一度の大半が知っています。안녕 얘 들 아! 이건 내 처음으로 여기 JYP 새로운 걸 그룹 누구 두번 원인에 편견을 하지 않습니다의 데뷔 발표 이후 두 번의 팬이 되었습니다 하지만 난 모두 같은 그들의 그들은 내 생명의 원천! 내 꿈을 두번 보고 이며 노래를 쓰고 있어 그들에 대 한 jyp는 그것을 좋아하지 것입니다 바랍니다. 대부분 내가 내 친구 줬 어 내가 바보 오전 하지만 난 상관 없어. 그들은 두 번 같은 얘기 내 친구 중 일부는 그들은 섹시 하 고 뜨거운 하지만 난 하지 어떻게 u 우상을 존중 하 고 그들은 당신이 하나를 본 적이 있다 그래서 그들의 보기에 의해 표시 되지 않는 상화 turt 원인의 더미에서 그들의 얼굴을 때 리고 같은 느낌 발생 한 번 사람 처럼 그들의 노래, 보컬 및 개성을 무엇을 보고 그들은 단지 그들 처럼 지금 일 생각 하는 사람들이 잘 모 르 겠 자신의 외모에 대 한 하지만 내가 부끄럽다. こんにちはみんな!これは私の初めてここが JYP 発表デビューの新しい女の子のグループは 2 回原因で誰もバイアスはありませんして以来二回のファンはずっと私彼らのような彼らは生命の私の源を!私の夢は二度と jyp はそれを好むと思いますそれらの曲を書いています。ほとんどの i は、私の友人は私に言った私は遅らせるが、気にしません。彼らのように 2 回私に言った私の友人の何人かは原因はセクシーとホットが何を感じているはありませんどのように u はアイドルを尊重し、あなたは私はいずれかを見たことがないので外見で見ていない偶像を崇拝している turt 原因の山に自分の顔を叩くよう一度人のように彼らの曲、ボーカルおよび人格何です参照してください、彼らだけ彼らのように外見がどのような人々 は現在の日を考えているかわからないが、私は恥ずかしい。
  22. #Twice

    My self

    Lol guess you are new here hi
  23. Rate 1~10 how is my wallpaper