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  1. so i stumbled upon this old poem i made, i don't remember how or what exactly was i feeling back then, but either way... it would seem lovely to share it rather than to keep it all to myself :dh-heh:


    "you are

    a rose,

    only to bloom

    tho those

    who'd wait

    to see

    the beauty

    inside of you."


    1. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Right now, I'm waiting for a rose to bloom :ny-yes: Good poem

  2. [JIHYOIST/PIC] Tomboy Jihyo!

    you were right, oh my god!
  3. things "may" have been out of hand recently...


    "it's the little things that comprehend big thoughts."


  4. [JIHYOIST/PIC] Tomboy Jihyo!

    oh my... i'm dying here
  5. MooMoo here to join the Twice Army! n_n

    hello and welcome to ttf everyone is really nice here and i can assure you, you'd love it here have a nice day browsing the forum
  6. everyone should always remember that...


    "you should always tell the truth no matter how hard it it. but sometimes truth hurts the person. it's only a matter of choice. choose your words carefully. remember, words hurt more than actions could ever hope to act. words cut deeper than a knife."


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    2. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      Hmmm I always rush ... And people misunderstand me ... :jy-eww: Even my life sworn best friend is living me now  :mn-cry:

    3. RainbowFluffyPanda


      @Lost Penguin 


      "we shouldn't rush things. everything take time."


    4. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      I know ... But I'm pabo ... 

  7. [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    we riot!
  8. [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    they're human beings too... they really need some rest
  9. [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    are they over working our girls?
  10. as a non-korean, this piece of information really helped me fully understand the situation regarding the kbs president i don't know why some people would react like that though, as you said "it's just news." it helps people to be informed nowadays...
  11. i'm guessing there would be a lot of food there?
  12. are those alien stickers i spy?
  13. [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    they should indeed rest more
  14. [DISCUSSION] What Was the First TWICE MV You Ever Watched?

    i can't remember