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      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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  1. Of all of this year's M/V songs, which one did you liked??

    Ooh, my favorite mv would be Signal because I love seeing all the powers. But Likey and Heart Shaker are great, too!
  2. Ahhhh, she looks so great even when she's not doing anything!! Btw I found the source for most of the photos: crushtwice. Idk where the first photo is from though.
  3. [POLL] Group Interests

    I tend to prefer girl groups, but there are lots of boy groups I love, too! Besides Twice, my top groups are 2NE1 and Blackpink.
  4. Hello Once!

    Welcome to TTF, Jexter! My heart was stolen by Mina in Cheer Up, too <3 She was my first bias, and it was because of her that I looked up more info about the group and learned all the members!
  5. [DISUCSSION] Why are you liked Twice

    Their music! So many of their songs are so upbeat and fun that I can't help but smile when I listen to them. And I love watching them have fun in the mvs.
  6. [FAN ART] Twice - Tzuyu, Sana & Chaeyoung

    So cute!! I love Chaeyoung's eyes~~
  7. [FAN ART] Mina Edit~

    That looks so good! I added it into the slideshow I use for my computer background, if that's okay ^^
  8. [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    Which poster do you have? I have a Twicecoaster Lane 1 poster ^^ I also have a Mina shirt (she was my bias before Tzuyu), and I just ordered a Cheer Up phone case!
  9. Ooh I like all 4 of those! My least favorite of those is Knock Knock, and favorite is Heart Shaker. I still really love Knock Knock, but in most of their songs, there's at least one part that I really really love (like in Heart Shaker I love when Tzuyu says her name, and the section right before the chorus), but in Knock Knock there aren't really any specific parts that stand out to me. Out of all of their songs, not just on this list, Cheer Up is my favorite, and Melting is my least favorite.
  10. Hii :3

    Norrrrrrrrrrrr~~ So happy you joined here so I can fangirl with you :) Somehow I hadn't realized you were this much of a Once, but I'm so glad you are!! I hope you're enjoying it here so far! <3
  11. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Who's Your Favorite in Candy Pop MV?

    Mina's transformation! It's so elegant and perfect Overall Nayeon was my favorite in this mv, she looks stunning. Yes, the transformations are all amazing!
  12. I had never read the lyrics for those 2 before, but I just looked at them. The lyrics for Don't Give Up are wonderful, great job Chaeyoung!! 24/7 surprised me too, it's nice to hear lyrics that are so unique.
  13. I think Nayeon was the first I could recognize, but I'm not sure. Mina too, probably. I loved Mina so much in Cheer Up, she was the reason I took the time to learn all the members' names in the first place!
  14. [DISCUSSION] Are You Older or Younger Than All of The Members?

    I'm a couple months older than Nayeon!