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  1. TzuyuLily

    [FAN ART/PIC]TWICE "tic-tac-toe" pics

    So cute!! Nice job!
  2. I have to go with Jihyo She'd be so wonderful and supportive and perfect, and if those Disney movie marathons mentioned in the picture would actually happen, that would be even more perfect!
  3. Ahhhh, so excited!! Me too! They're making comebacks so fast! Oooh, that would be cool! I'm sure I'll love whatever concept they do, but something more mature would be a cool change.
  4. TzuyuLily

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Do you stan any group other than TWICE ?

    I'm definitely multi-fandom!! My top 3 are Twice, 2NE1, and Blackpink, and those are the 3 groups where I really consider myself to be "part of the fandom." But I love tons of other groups too, especially Bigbang, Red Velvet, and Halo.
  5. I voted for Candy Pop!! I really loved the animated sections of the mv, it was super cute!! But the Sanayeon parts in Brand New Girl were adorable <3
  6. TzuyuLily

    [DISCUSSION] What If TWICE trained under a different company

    Ooh, I hadn't even thought about Bighit! I still think JYP is the best fit for them, but I'd really love to see the types of concepts they'd do under Bighit, that would be really cool. Oh yeah, that's a good point. Twice already gets compared to SNSD enough as it is, if they were in the same company there would be so many more comparisons and arguments between the fandoms, and it would get really messy
  7. TzuyuLily

    [JIHYOIST/POLL] Jihyo with / without bangs ?

    She always looks so good! But I prefer without bangs a bit more. I agree! She definitely looks more mature without bangs, and it makes her look more like the strong, confident leader that she is <3 (Not that she doesn't look like a good leader with bangs, lol)
  8. TzuyuLily

    [DISCUSSION] What If TWICE trained under a different company

    Hmm, this is interesting. I think JYP is definitely the right fit for Twice. Their voices seem to fit more with JYP's style than SM or YG. Personally I like Starship Entertainment a lot, and I think Twice would be better there than with YG or SM. Starship is good with the bright, fun concepts with Sistar and WJSN's music, and Twice does well with that. Starship could also be a good place for them to do cute stuff that also incorporates more of the sexy side as well.
  9. TzuyuLily

    [FAN ART] Melody Chaeng TT

    Your style is so cute!!! I love it!
  10. I'll never hear the chorus the same way again! XD These captions are fantastic!
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    1. Picapict


      That lockscreen is beautiful :ny-nice:

      what do the ship picture for? haha

    2. TzuyuLily


      @Picapict Thanks! Lol, the ship picture was just a funny picture I saw, and since I ship lots of things in fandoms, I could relate to it :sn-lol: So I saved it on my phone, lol

  12. Yessssss, more rap lines please!!! I think she would do really well with more rap parts, she sounds so good on the rap sections we've already heard from her.
  13. TzuyuLily

    [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    Yeah, YG and JYP seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum: YG artists barely doing anything, and JYP artists doing too much. It's stressful as a Once and a YG stan, but mostly I really hope the idols are all being treated well. I hope Twice gets to rest soon!
  14. Every morning when I'm super tired, I tell myself I'll go to bed early at night....never happens, lol. Here I am, still awake, as usual :jy-stress: