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  1. Sorry, guys. I need a break. I broke up with my boyfriend and I'm sick.

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    2. Plume


      @TWICE's Pet Gerbil It's a voice & text chat app :eyes: Get it please :ty-please:

    3. optzumistic


      @TWICE's Pet Gerbil It's certainly handy for gamers, though it's also a normal chatting thing :sn-pew: 

    4. TWICE's Pet Gerbil
  2. Do you guys wants me to show you my photocard collection? Is tiny because I started on december... :ny-hmm:

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    2. Phebe


      I want to show mine too, but I don't have a proper camera to show them :ny-pout:

    3. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      I can probs fit all mine in just one photo. :ty-notbad:

    4. optzumistic
  3. Right?! "I loove you strawberry!!' I cant.
  4. Same, those photocards are amazing.
  5. [DISCUSSION] Twice spotted in Thailand

    Maybe... they are filming the new MV?
  6. cr sanaarchive cr gomens99
  7. Didn't tell you guys but yesterday I got some TWICE's photocards. 










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    2. Lucia


      Wish I can gift them to you :ny-sad: @Ahn Haeju

    3. Phebe


      Give them to me and I'll give them to Haeju later on :ty-peek:

    4. Ahn Haeju
  8. I'm not sure but I love those Once Begins and LOA photocards.
  9. Oh, sorry my dear Phebe. Thanks for telling me.
  10. Please could you post it in the official thread? It would be better. Also, credit the fan who did those photos or the web where you found it. And If you want to post more than one picture do it like a spoiler. Since you quoted it I don't think is the same. Thanks.