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  1. Happy birthday~ <3

  2. optzumistic

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    Both, ty!
  3. Happy Tzuyu day!!:ty-hehe:

    I love her sm sjdjrhr, undescribable :ty-hey:

    She deserves everything in the whole universe ♥️

    Getting pictures/gifs on here by phone is too much of a pain so screw that rip

  4. Happy birthday!!


    :ty-hehe: Come back more often~

    1. Tzuyucolate


      wow~ thank youuu 😘 I'm busy for the past following weeks. but, thankyou for greeting me onmy birthday. I'll be back :p)

  5. Happy birthday Pierre oppa~

    Getting so old haha


    Also, thank you for everything that you have done for me ♥️

    1. pdn


      Thank you so much. Yep sooo old, one step closer to heaven.  :minayeon-hug:

      Wow, I dont feel like, I have done anything but I'm glad I could help.:ty-aye:

  6. optzumistic


    Yass, come here more often!
  7. Happy Dahyun Day! She's such an amazing person, may God bless her ♥️:dh-dubu::dh-wink:

    She totally was not the first Korean member to bias wreck me:dh-heh::dh-chu:

    Im not going to go spamming today because rip data:dh-fp:



  8. optzumistic

    [INFO][koreaboo] TWICE looks without makeup

    same, same
  9. optzumistic

    [INFO][koreaboo] TWICE looks without makeup

    all so beautiful, ahh
  10. o yes also (G)I-DLE climbing up
  11. optzumistic

    [FANART] The Best Era Vector Art

    wew, truly looks good!