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  1. TWICE China/Hong Kong/Taiwan Discussion Thread

    @maxix simplified is used in all of China and Hong Kong (officially), and Taiwan is still using traditional I used to think that traditional was better bc it looked nicer and more sophisticated, but the laziness got to me lol
  2. TWICE China/Hong Kong/Taiwan Discussion Thread

    I think it's bc you're learning traditional Chinese (Taiwan), I'm using simplified Chinese (mainland China). Traditional is way harder than simplified I can kind of read your post (still guessing a lot tho)
  3. TTF members nickname thread

    I've never had any nicknames ;-;

    What do you use to make a gif? I can't find any good places...
  5. [CHAEYOUNGIST/POLL] Chaeyoung's Hair

    I love both, I can't choose!
  6. [FAN ART] tzuyu

  7. I was really surprised not to find a Chinese thread? 你好!我是小雪。我姓张的。我的父母来自杭州和福建,但现在我在芝加哥。我很爱看中文电视剧和综艺节目。我最喜欢的电视剧是欢乐颂,欢乐颂2,和如果蜗牛有爱情。我最喜欢看综艺节目,像奔跑吧,花儿与少年,天籁之战,和中国新歌声。我也特别爱中国歌手,尤其华晨宇,鹿晗,和莫文蔚。 我最喜欢子瑜,她好美 现在我好像想不起来还要说些什么。我们下面再聊?
  8. Hello Once!

    Welcome to TTF Jexter! Be sure to read the rules if you haven't already! If you have any additional questions, ask the moderators (or anyone!) Again, welcome!
  9. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to TTF Stephen! Be sure to read all the rules if you haven't yet Your design is amazing! I believe it goes under "Other Talents" in Once Zone or "Fan Art and Graphics"? I'm not sure, you should ask a moderator to be sure Again, welcome!!
  10. [PIC] 180118 Twice @ Incheon-Centrair Airport

    Thank you!
  11. grr someone else is ringing the doorbell

    either it's girl scout cookies (quite yummy :mm-eat2:) or my photocards

    it's been 5 minutes and the person is still waiting...

    stranger danger


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    2. Lost Penguin
    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      Peek out the window or peephole, or stick a knife in ur waistband. Teehee. 

    4. Phebe


      Answer the door jeez

  12. ♡ The Official Chaeyu (Chaeyoung & Tzuyu) Thread ♡

    they're adorable omggg
  13. so cute it'd be great if you would credit the owner too