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  1. optzumistic

    [INFO][koreaboo] TWICE looks without makeup

    all so beautiful, ahh
  2. optzumistic

    [FANART] The Best Era Vector Art

    wew, truly looks good!
  3. optzumistic

    noob here, nice to meet you! :D

    welcome! have a great stay~
  4. optzumistic

    Heya! ( ^∇^) Nice to be here!

  5. Please come back to discord soon I miss you :ny-tt: 

    1. optzumistic


      trying, miss you too :saida-hug:

    2. NayeonSquirtle
    3. optzumistic


      probably will on Saturday but if not, 99% sure I will on Sunday

  6. Happy early birthday! :mn-penguin:
    (because I can't get on here when it's your actual birthday)

    Related imageImage result for mina happy gif

  7. Happy early bday, since I can't get on tomorrow

    sorry for the early wishes <3


    and yes, I know I succ but what can I do about it :>

    Image result for momo happy gif

    1. Phebe


      Thank you Angela, much love <3<3

      and yes you do succ