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  1. [INFO] TWICE's Tzuyu wishes Twitter a happy birthday

    saying happy birthday to twitter
  2. I'm used to seeing people saying Japanese AV instead of JAV my bad
  3. unique! very cool too I'll probably start stanning Honey Popcorn!
  4. Twice in Malaysia?

    don't know
  5. 100 more posts till I reach 1000 :ny-look:


    also btw, when is my wonce purchase of an upgraded signature going to get accepted, it's been like 1.5 months, almost 2 :ny-mope:

  6. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: optzumistic Post Count: 900 Award Requesting: Like Ooh Ahh - Jihyo
  7. why did I open this thread again... rip me
  8. I learned that too, but I searched up "north korea tourist attractions", and the attractions actually look fun