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      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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  1. yesss! proud army and once honestly BTS deserved it, the album was very good, and it also had deep meanings within the songs. happy~
  2. Lucky~ As much as I hope Twice can get to many other places, they need more rest
  3. yesss! It will only get bigger and bigger tho~
  4. yesss! Twice breaking all the records like And dang 72 days?! It felt like yesterday, last week at most...
  5. [INFO] TWICE’s Sana Revealed To Have Been Treated For Enteritis

    I hope they'll all have more rest too
  6. Do your friends and family like Twice? How do they feel about Twice, and how do they feel about your love for Twice? My dad has a general dislike for kpop, saying how they lipsync and whatever all of those kpop haters say. When I put on Twicetagram in the car, I swear I saw him bopping to it My mom was like "nah not my thing and plus I'm too old for teenage stuff". She didn't like the title tracks too much, but the MVs made her laugh a little tho I made her listen to Only 너, Touchdown, and One in a Million. She liked Touchdown the best (surprisingly, bc she usually likes songs like One in a Million?). She was also like "idk what they're even saying tho ??". My friend actually hated Twice, and the peer pressure also made me hate them (that was like 7 months ago tho lol). I didn't really listen Twice's music, so I just went along anyways. I listened to Signal and Knock Knock (honestly made me say you're right to my friends), so I became a thrice oops. One day on YouTube, I accidentally clicked on LOA's and Cheer Up's MV, and I was like "oHOHO THIS THING IS GOOD". I spammed the same friend of Twice stuff (being a good friend ofc, she looked at all of them), and she gradually became a fan of Twice. From a only 1 member appreciation to 9, she's a stan now. Her bias list is going crazy atm (one day it's Dahyun, the next it's Momo, the day after is Mina, etc) lmao My other friend has just stepped into the bts fandom 3 months ago, but she's like a follower (she tries to be like me so we can talk more)? She naturally stepped into the fandom after Likey. She's now a pretty hardcore stan now Now that I think about it, all of the kpop loving friend group that I have are all bts and svt lovers? I'm the first of my friend group to stan another girl group that's not Blackpink. They all think Twice sucks (being clueless, they had no clue I stanned Twice), so one day they were like "uhm Momo's dance isn't even good like...." I WAS LIKE "DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT MOMO, I'M OUT OF HERE BYE" We're good now but they prefer to ignore me without many people around us lmao ^how to deal with "friends" that are thrices 101
  7. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    I'm 5'3 or 5'4? I think 5'4 but idk
  8. Twice United States of America Thread

    I'm from the Midwest, there barely are any people from the Midwest here on TTF (I only know like 1 person lol)
  9. Anyone else a Once in the UK?

    Hello and welcome! Before you do anything, read the rules! Please enjoy your stay here! Again, welcome to TTF!
  10. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Who is the best dancer out of the Koreans?

    I think it's Dahyun
  11. So I grabbed rice and put it in a bowl but I ended up grabbing a red envelope with 3 pennies in it ? :jh-ew::ny-wut:

    Who knows how old that thing is tho ew:jy-eww::mm-wut:

  12. Idk what I feel about the weather here in Chicago anymore


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      @Phebe We'll just start and end in a different year, we'll have a good 2-3 years together :ty-aye:

    3. Phebe


      I'm probably going to take a year break anyway. I won't be able to handle starting college right after high school.

    4. optzumistic