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  1. TWICE appeared on 'Bloomberg' (Asia) news article, which talked about the rise of JOE's market capitalization thanks to the success of TWICE and the rookie group Stray Kids BY: Bloomberg
  2. Hi everyone!

    Hello, welcome to TTF happy to meet you I'm from Peru and my bias are Mina and Momo Psdt: If you have any questions just talk to me
  3. Twice Hair Salon

    COMING SOON...:ny-lol:


    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      Brings back memory >.< :ny-soju:

    2. Picapict


      and Tzuyu is their main customer :jy-jks:

  4. It's so cute By: TWICE Doodle
  5. SAC ARCHERY LEGEND CHOU TZUYU. Archery in ISAC will never be the same when Tzuyu decides to stop joining.
  6. JYP beats YG in the value of the company for the first time since YG became a publicly traded company JYP - 560.9b won YG - 533.8b won thanks to the consistency of twice and Suzy, the start of Stary children, the exterior success of Got7, Day6 firmness The ranking of music companies changed. JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP Entertainment), which has been ranked as one of the top 3 promotional companies in the world, has been ranked second in the market value of YG Entertainment (YG) Based on the closing price on the 17th, JYP had a market cap of KRW560.9 billion, marking a total of KRW16,200 per share. The YG market cap, which closed at 29,350 won, was 533.8 billion won, ahead of JYP by 27.1 billion won. Since its listing in November 2011, YG has allowed JYP to overtake it for the first time. BY: NAVER
  7. TWICE - 1M Red Velvet - 256K GFRIEND - 175K SNSD - 167K
  8. Hii :3

    hello, welcome to TTF My biases are also Mina and Momo , nice to meet you I'm also a trainee like you and I'm starting to understand XD even though it cost me a lot I hope we can be good friends! Good luck Psdt: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak to me
  9. #TWICE Stays Strong With "Heart Shaker"; Soompi's K-Pop Music Chart 2018, Let's continue like this ONCE´S Source: Soompi
  10. Wow otro Logro mas¡¡¡¡:mm-wow:´´ Merry and Happy¨ M/V has reached 10M Views¡¡


  11. Candy Pop MV has surpassed 10,000,000 views on YouTube  CONGRATULATIONS TO MY GIRLS!¡¡¡