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MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

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  1. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [PIC] Photobook by Dahyun

    I Loved
  2. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [VID] 180424 TWICE「Wake Me Up」Music Video

    Ohhh that beautiful, I loved the M / V in all its forms
  3. How beautiful they all look, see them in this new musical I loved it  :mm-wow::ny-yes:


  4. [STARCAST] Analysis on sub characters in TWICE’s 'What is Love' music video! Hello!It’s TWICE STARCAST as sweet as a candy!(ONCE, shout!!!!!!!!!) If you saw the main member episode on the music video last week, look forward to it today! (Drums) We specially prepared the sub member episode of music video! (ONCE, shout again!!!!!!!!!)Even though they were subs, they were more impressive than anyone else (Amazing) Then, hold your remote control and let’s Go Are you JEONGYEON from JYP High school?When I saw you, my heart stopped… When I stood in front of the fishbowl to see tropical fishmy heart stopped again… ONCE, it’s strange. You can keep the love in your heart forever..!Let’s keep the love for each other for good CR:naver
  5. cr:@myouiwaddles
  6. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    TWICE Peru Discussion Thread

    Hola a todos, mi nombre real es Laura Elizabeth y soy de Lima la capital de Peru así que hablo castellano y no Ingles pero me las arreglo, estoy aquí para conocer a mas Onces peruanos si es que hay. (Hi everyone, my real name is Laura Elizabeth and I'm from Lima, the capital of Peru so I speak Spanish and not English but I manage it, I'm here to meet more Peruvian Onces if there is one.) Aparte de ser Once soy de otros fandom:Vip, Blink y Reveluv pero estoy mas enfocada en TWICE (Apart from being Eleven I'm from other fandom: Vip, Blink and Reveluv but I'm more focused on TWICE)
  7. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    Hi, I'm from Lima the capital of Peru and my native language is Spanish so I do not speak English, I'm also Eleven, VIP, BLINK and REVELUV but now I'm more focused on twice
  8. SAC ARCHERY LEGEND CHOU TZUYU. Archery in ISAC will never be the same when Tzuyu decides to stop joining.
  9. [Music @ Lipost] The center is a rabbit girl ... JYP's PICK [TV Report = Kim Yeon-Na] I guess it's like one side. Or did it follow the popular preference of men. JYP's Gal Group Center resembles. Wonder Girls Sohee, Mt. Ai, Suzie and Twiz are all rabbit girls. Wonder Girls, who made his debut in 2007, was the youngest son in the center. Soo-hee, the expressionless artist, attracted the enthusiasm of male fans with a smile and a smile at once. The so-called rabbit front teeth became a character of Sohee. Ahn Soh-hee, who was born in 1992, made her debut as a middle school girl and kept her youngest image ever. Hence, the somewhat larger front teeth were able to maximize Sohu 's charm. It was a coincidence. The last Mitsuie who started in 2010 was Suzuki's center. The resin, which was plump in the skin with immaculate skin, secured the eye. Resin 'rabbit front teeth' were also rated as cute elements. In 1994, the reservoir acted as a high school girl and appealed to her teenage feelings. Especially, the teeth of the plastic resin exposed with a good smile were added to the crush. his is the strategy. Twice in 2015 has nine members and a center. Among them, the proportion that is in charge of Nagai is great. She is baptized as a camera flash with a sleek appearance, a bright smile, and a doodle 'rabbit front teeth'. Born in 1995, Im Na-yeon debuted at the age of just over 20 years old. Compared to the predecessors, the rate of synchro of the most rabbit girl is high. The frequency of large front teeth exposure is also high. It is getting popularity by taking advantage of its merits. Kim Ye-na, press yeah@tvreport.co.kr/ Photo = TV report DB CR:naver
  10. [SW Issue] "Real first place" ... Twice's prestigious streak [Sports World = Yoon, Ki-baek reporter] Girl group Twice recorded a new song 'What's Love?' It is meaningless in that it is a 'real first place' that fans recognize as well as the public. Twice was broadcast on the 21st MBC 'Show! Music center "and a new song 'What's Love?' To top of Exochenbach City and Winner. Twice shortly after the award, he said, "I will become a tweeter who is as hard as you have given me first place." Twice is MBC Music 'Show! Champion ', Mnet' M Countdown ', KBS' Music Bank ', MBC' Show! Music center "music broadcast first trophy Unlike music broadcasts, current music charts are Tweed and Nilo, and 'High Wrapper 2' Kim Ha-on. Nilo takes the top spot on the charts in Melon, the largest music site in the country, but it has been a long time since it has lost its meaning in terms of the first place that no one can agree with. In the case of the first sound recording chart, it should be easy to get online and broadcast as well as on the street. Nilo's 'Gina Oda' can not feel its influence at all. The agency has explained that there is no legal problem, but it is doubtful that it is overwhelmingly dominant only in toxic melon. On the other hand, Twice is on the top in music charts, music charts and music broadcasts, and it ranks first on various portal real-time search terms. Also, it is showing the way to be in the top position so that it can be easily accessed even in everyday life that goes online and offline. In that sense, Twice 's 4th album of music is more than ever. Although it was the first place in Korea's largest melancholy site Melon, it is the moment when Twice's shine is brilliant because it is the first place that anyone can sympathize with. giback@sportsworldi.com CR:.naver
  11. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [INFO] [Allkpop] Best TWICE Lyrics

    Best TWICE Lyrics Intro Best TWICE Lyrics TWICE has just released their latest EP 'What Is Love', which features five new songs, including their newest single of the same title! While TWICE is known for their cute, girly concepts, some of their songs have very deep and touching lyrics. Let's take a look at their entire discography, and listen to some of their best lyrical lines from all the members! Which TWICE song is your favorite to listen to? Don't Give Up! "Pick up your crayons, fill your heart's canvas. Don't doubt your conviction, Don't hesitate again. Tell me everyday, Cheer up baby! Don't give up!" TWICE - Twicetagram One In A Million "You gotta know you're one in a million. One in a million, the only one in the world. You're a masterpiece, you are perfect." TWICE - Twicecoaster Cheer Up "Cheer up baby, Give it a little more, A girl shouldn't give her heart away so easily". TWICE - Page Two Like A Fool "I've also wanted to say, without feeling awkward, looking back at the past, I regret everything, like a fool." TWICE - The Story Begins Turtle "At first, I didn't feel anything, But everyday we beat ourselves. Like a balloon, my heart is getting bigger which might burst." TWICE - Twicetagram TT "Beautiful no matter what I wear. Just the two of us in a mirror having a fashion show. I think I'm all grown up now. I'm free to make my own choices, but why can't I have it my way?" TWICE - Twicecoaster Precious Love "I was stupid for not knowing how much pain you had. The eyes that looked at me were eyes that withstood tears. At that time I didn't realize how precious that love was. You don't know how much I regret letting you go." TWICE - Page Two Precious Love "I was stupid for not knowing how much pain you had. The eyes that looked at me were eyes that withstood tears. At that time I didn't realize how precious that love was. You don't know how much I regret letting you go." TWICE - Page Two What Is Love? "I wanna know how it could be as sweet as candy. I wanna know how it's like flying in the sky. I wanna know how it keeps you smiling all day. I wanna know how the whole world turns beautiful." TWICE - What Is Love What's some of your favorite lyrics from TWICE? CR:allkpop
  12. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Happy Birthday CHAEYOUNG ❤ ❤

  13. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Dubu- Candy Pop-M/V

    BY: German Gianni
  14. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FAN ART] Momo Cute

    Beautiful Fan-art of my beautiful baby I hope you like it
  15. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife


  16. CR:Y!mobile(ワイモバイル)
  17. TWICE members are extra sweet in 'What is Love?' dance practice 'for ONCE' version TWICE hared a new version of "What is Love?" dance practice video. For the latest dance practice clip, TWICE went extra sweet and lovely for their fans. The members perfect the choreography in the dance practice room while giving off a bright energy. SEE ALSO: TWICE wonder 'What is Love?' in dance practice video Check out TWICE's adorable moves in the new clip! CR:allkpop
  18. CR:@ixx_xx_xxi
  19. TWICE model two different looks of chic and sweet for 'Acuvue' contacts 'Acuvue' unveiled a new CF featuring TWICE. The girl group model two varying looks you can pull off with the 'Acuvue' contact lenses. Jungyeon, Jihyo, Tzuyu, Mina, and Chaeyoung define chic with sassy, classy, charismatic style. On the other hand, Dahyun, Nayeon, Sana, and Momo define sweet with lovely, natural, playful, bubbly look. Check out the chic and sweet CF with TWICE. Which style do you prefer? CR:allkpop
  20. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Digital Sketchbook

    Ohhh wow ,It is very beautiful