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  1. TWICE Momo’s Shoulder Strap Slipped Down And Photographers Couldn’t Handle It (10 Photos) Momo’s strap fell down while on the red carpet, and it was pure shoulder perfection. TWICE‘s Momo‘s shoulder strap slipped while she was promoting on the red carpet – and it’s easy to see why photographers couldn’t deal! Momo strutted onto the red carpet looking stunning in her black dress! She looked sexy and confident as she made her entrance… Even her movements were pretty! As she stood against the photo wall with her fellow TWICE members, she pushed her hair behind her ears gracefully. The reporters asked for the girls to do some hearts and dance moves, and the movements began shifting her thin dress strap… Momo really committed to the movements, leaning forward as she made a sweet heart. But it was this heart that proved to be the icing on the cake, and her strap began to slip… Sliding down to reveal her entire shoulder before she could catch it! She continued doing heart hands with her shoulder exposed, and looked so elegant doing it! Reporters and fans alike couldn’t get enough of the slip! She rocked the rest of the red carpet photo session after accidentally showing off her perfect shoulder! cr:koreaboo
  2. 14 Times TWICE’s Momo Killed Boy Group Dance Covers Her dance covers literally kill. 1. “Call Me Baby” — EXO 2. “Pretty U” — SEVENTEEN 3. “A.D.T.O.Y.” — 2PM 4. “If You Do” — GOT7 5. “I Need U” — BTS 6. “Overdose” — EXO 7. “It’s Raining” — Rain 8. “Hard Carry” — GOT7 9. “Mansae” — SEVENTEEN 10. “Love Me Right” — EXO 11. “Just Right” — GOT7 12. “Move” — Taemin 13. “Be Mine” — Infinite 14. “My House” — 2PM cr:koreaboo
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  4. TWICE What kind of person is Mina? I heard a secret that only members know! Asia No. 1 The strongest girls group "TWICE" (Twice) Japan's first magazine series "BOUNCE! TWICE "starts from the 12th month of ViVi! In the seventh series, we will be approaching the charm of MINA (Mina) that has made a dream come true from Japan to Korea ♡ I was dreaming from a young age, to 17 years old to become a singer, to become a singer alone. Mina all the members speaks as "feminine," a multi-hobby and home love. I want to know more about her beautiful face that is beautiful, beautiful, who fulfilled his dream abroad with different language and culture! #6 MINAbirthday: 1997.03.24bloodtype: A Who is MINA? What is the opinion of the members? Photos:Kentaro Kambe Styling:Rina Kato Hair:Jung Nanyoung,Son Eunhee,Choi Jiyoung(lulu hair make up studio) Make-up:Jo Sanggi,Jeon Dallae,Zia(lulu hair make up studio),Won Jungyo,Choi Suji(Bit&Boot) Interview:Terumi Tanaka Composition&Design:Orie Nakamura cr:vivi
  5. TWICE Mina Has Agreed To Donate Her Organs, And Fans Can’t Stop Crying Mina is a real-life angel. If you ever wondered if TWICE’s Mina is a real-life angel, we got some proof that she is one. For TWICE’s 800th day since debut, Mina decided to do something extremely giving and registered to be an organ donor in Korea before the end of 2017. It has been reported that Mina has also been registered as an organ donor in Japan since 2013. Mina’s kindness and giving nature didn’t stop there, however, as she also made a post showing off the cute hats she knitted as part of an infant illness awareness campaign in which she is participating. Mina’s sincere concern for the wellbeing of others falls precisely in line with the few things that JYP Entertainment requires over talent, naturally.
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    [PIC] 180319 Mina Incheon Airport Returning from Thailand

    Cre: BDS_MyoiMina324, LoveLyMINA37, coupd_efourde, asiatoday, TwiceOnceLand, dogloveshe Link: Facebook
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    [TZUYUIST/PIC] TZUYU Centrair Airport

    TZUYU Entry to Nagoya Airport
  8. JYP beats YG in the value of the company for the first time since YG became a publicly traded company JYP - 560.9b won YG - 533.8b won thanks to the consistency of twice and Suzy, the start of Stary children, the exterior success of Got7, Day6 firmness The ranking of music companies changed. JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP Entertainment), which has been ranked as one of the top 3 promotional companies in the world, has been ranked second in the market value of YG Entertainment (YG) Based on the closing price on the 17th, JYP had a market cap of KRW560.9 billion, marking a total of KRW16,200 per share. The YG market cap, which closed at 29,350 won, was 533.8 billion won, ahead of JYP by 27.1 billion won. Since its listing in November 2011, YG has allowed JYP to overtake it for the first time. BY: NAVER
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    [INFO] TWICE Stays Strong With “Heart Shaker”

    #TWICE Stays Strong With "Heart Shaker"; Soompi's K-Pop Music Chart 2018, Let's continue like this ONCE´S Source: Soompi
  10. Fans are noticing that these days TWICE‘s Tzuyu has a more mature air about her than when the group debuted.
  11. The LG Twins have chosen the best team in the country for their victory in the Jamsil home game against the KIA Tigers on April 1. Twice is a big fan of the LG Twins and has been releasing a comeback album with his new album in April. The pitcher, Twiz's Na Nye, has played a part in the LG Twins' home game in May 2016. [Naoya. Photo = My Daily DB] by.Naver
  12. TWICE's Jihyo, Nayeon and Dahyun to appear on KBS 'Happy Together 3' On April 7th according to Starnews, TWICE's Jihyo, Nayeon and Dahyun recently have participated in the recording of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3'. They will appear on the 2nd part of Happy Together 'Sing My Song' along with Hwang Chiyeul, Jung Seunghwan and Dynamic Duo. However, the broadcast date has not confirmed yet. © girlgroupzone BY:Kpopping
  13. Twice the first ad in the day, the third in the rankings of favorable February ... Breaks through 10 million views [Sports Sports News] 'Wai Mobile', the first ad shown in Japan by Twize in Japan, is in the 3rd place in the ranking of favorable ads by brand in February announced by the local advertising research institute. It is Twice showing strong influence in Japanese advertising market. According to JYP Entertainment (JYP) on the 5th, the Japan Advertising Research Institute (JYP) announced on 25th of January that it will be able to advertise 2549 brands from 5 major broadcasting companies in Tokyo from January 20 to February 19, , And the "Wyoming Mobile" ad, which Twice appeared in, was in third place. Twice appeared on February 2 as a model for the fifth commercial 'Transfer student' of the 'Waimobile School' series of new TV commercial 'Yi Mobile' of Softbank, Japan. On the 20th of the same month, Live 'side. The 'Waimova School' series is a series of performances by famous Japanese actress 'Kiritani Mirei', student actor 'Saito Takumi', and comedian 'Dega and Tetsuro'. Twice has become the first CF model in Japan through a new 'transfer student' series in this series. As a result of the popularity of the Twice ads, local media have received overwhelming support from female elementary and junior high school students due to the dance that appealed to the topic of WaiMobile said, "The number of videos related to Twice ads has surpassed 10 million views, and the original TwiceGoods has been produced on the Twitter campaign, which has exceeded the expectations of more than 30,000 times. It is spreading outside the advertisement. " Meanwhile, Japan's second single "Candy Pop", which won Twice's three consecutive Platinum titles, was the second-highest Oricon Daily single chart in the month. Twice was released on February 7th as' Candy Pop ', followed by Japan' s representative group Arashi and second place on the Oricon monthly chart and the Japan Record Association. In particular, he continued his triple platinum marathon following his debut album '# TWICE' debuted in June last year and his first single 'One More Time' in October. Twice 6 pm at 9 pm Mini 5th album and the same title song "What's Love? (What is Love?) "And return to the music industry in 2018. 'What Is Love' is a dance song about love curiosity and imagination of girls who have learned love through books or movies or dramas. It has a bright melody with a rhythm that crosses up tempo dance beat and trap genre. It is a song that shows various musical changes. In May of last year, following the title track 'SIGNAL' of the Twice mini 4th album, Park Jin-young once again writes and composes' What's Love? 'And foreshows the successive hit march of' Park Jin. 'What' s Love 'is a mini album, but it has its own record of 350,000 copies, exceeding 330,000 copies of its first full - length album "twicetagram" last October. lunarfly@sportschosun.com CR:http://m.entertain.naver.com
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    [TWICE Offers Sneak Peek At Upcoming Mini Album]

    Update: TWICE Offers Sneak Peek At Upcoming Mini Album TWICE has unveiled a new preview of the colorful packaging for their upcoming mini album! Check out the details below: Updated March 31 KST: TWICE has released the next batch of teasers for their “What Is Love?” comeback! This set features members Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, and Nayeon. Updated March 30 KST: TWICE has shared new teaser photos for their return with “What Is Love?” This set features members Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Mina. Check out the new pictures below! Updated March 29 KST: The next two songs have been revealed for TWICE’s new mini album! The second track is called “Sweet Talker,” with lyrics by Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. Jihyo wrote the lyrics for the third track “Ho!” Updated March 29 KST: TWICE has released a group photo for their comeback! Updated March 28 KST: Part of the track list has been revealed for TWICE’s upcoming mini album “What is Love?” As revealed previously, the lyrics and composition of the title track “What is Love?” were done by Park Jin Young. The rest of the track list is hidden for now. Check it out below: Updated March 28 KST: On March 28, JYP Entertainment confirmed reports that TWICE’s upcoming title track “What Is Love?” is written and composed by Park Jin Young himself. The JYP founder previously wrote “Signal” for TWICE making it a year since his last song for the group. Are you excited for their comeback? Stay tuned for updates! Source (1) Updated March 28 KST: TWICE has unveiled new teaser images for their comeback with “What Is Love?” featuring members Dahyun, Mina, Jihyo, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung. Updated March 27 KST: TWICE has released their first individual teasers for “What Is Love?” The teasers feature Sana, Momo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon. Updated March 26 KST: TWICE has revealed a group teaser image for their upcoming comeback with their fifth mini album, “What Is Love?” Original Article: TWICE has dropped a promotion schedule for their fifth mini album! On March 25 at midnight KST, the girl group announced that they’ll be returning with “What Is Love?” on April 9 at 6 p.m. KST. By:Soompi
  15. Groups of the Old and New Generation VIP VIPs are a powerful force in the K-POP industry as they follow one of the biggest groups. Together VIP brings so much love and happiness to the boys that can be visibly seen on their face. InnerCircle Although they faced their struggles as a group, they are still really well received and loved by so many fans that are so willing to come together. ARMY Our boys are the most amazing and lovable. So ARMY do what they can to remind them they are appreciated and loved fully with powerful and beautiful chants to each and every performance. ST☆RLIGHT Although not as widely recognized as other groups, VIXX is one that still wins the heart and voices of many. SONE The beauty queens of K-POP are loved regardless of where they go bringing in a wide audience that will scream their throats out to let them know they're loved. ONCE Since their debut TWICE has grown tremendously to become recognized worldwide. But it's all thanks to their fans that come together to remind them how much their music impacts the world. EXO-L Another powerful fandom, EXO-L's will not pause any moment from cheering on their favorite boys. Carat South Korea's pretty boys have a series of videos on Snapchat where they teach their fans how to do the fan chant. They're super adorable and charismatic on stage that it's hard to not chant along with them. Lego Not only do they win their fans with their beauty and wonderful music but also with their perfect personalities. EXID's fandom will always come through for their girls as much as the girls will come through for them. MooMoo MooMoo are as cute as their fandom name and as cute as their idols. When they come together to chant and sing they prove to be a force to be reckoned with. CR:https://www.allkpop.com
  16. TWICE Reveal The Unique Way JYP Coaches Them In Singing TWICE members share what JYP differs from other producers! TWICE appeared on One Night of TV Entertainment after their new song “What is Love?” became a massive success as soon as it was released. The TWICE members mentioned on the show that recording their latest hit was much harder than learning the choreography. When the reporter asked how JYP is different from other producers when it comes to recording, Jeongyeon indicated that he makes all the members sing the entire song before deciding the different parts. “Producer Park Jin Young makes everyone sing the entire song to give the members parts that suit them well.” ㅡ Jeongyeon Dahyun explained that JYP gives a score for each of their recordings. “He always gives a score when we do recordings. For example, ’98. Let’s try one more time to add those extra 2 points.'” ㅡ Dahyun Chaeyoung also added that he sometimes gives her a situation to help her delve deeper into the music. “He makes a situation to help me get into the moment. He would say, ‘Imagine where you are.'” — Chaeyoung And Jeongyeon showed a hint of frustration when she explained how JYP tells them to express their emotions and try singing like speaking. “He tells us ‘Try to express your feelings’ but ‘Try singing like your speaking.’ How can we sing like we’re speaking when we’re singing.” ㅡ Jeongyeon Although it may sometimes be frustrating to sing like your speaking, JYP’s unique way of coaching his stars must be working considering the success the girls have been experiencing! On the show, the TWICE members were treated to a delicious meal of quality beef to which the members could not hide their excitement. They also took some time to teach the reporter their new “question mark” dance for “What is Love?”. CR:koreaboo
  17. TWICE Talks About Their Hobbies, Dorm Habits, And JYP Entertainment’s Next Move On April 13, girl group TWICE appeared as guests on Kim Shin Young’s MBC FM4U radio show to promote their new comeback with “What Is Love?” During the show, Kim Shin Young brought up her “girl group” Celeb Five and Momo said, “I think it’s impressive that you were able to do such a difficult thing [referring to the choreography]. I think it would take us a lot longer to learn it.” The other members then chimed in to say that they were also interested in learning and Kim Shin Young jokingly suggested Celeb Five could perform at a TWICE concert when the girls had to go backstage to change clothes. In talking about their latest hobbies, TWICE shared that they were watching the drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” Jungyeon shared, “I saw a photo of Jung Hae In and my heart fluttered.” They also revealed that they watch the dating variety show “Heart Signal” while eating meals at the dorm. Then the girls began to dish on each other’s dorm habits, picking Jungyeon as the member who did much of the chores and Sana (among many) as the one they wished would do more. Jungyeon said, “There’s so much luggage in the dorm. She hasn’t unpacked her suitcases yet.” Sana replied, “I have opened the suitcase but haven’t put everything away yet. We’re going to Japan again quite soon anyway.” TWICE then picked Jihyo as the member who cried the most, with Momo being the one who cried the least. Jihyo said, “I’ve never seen Momo cry. She seems like she would cry easily, but she doesn’t cry when watching sad movies or anything. I think Tzuyu cries the most. There are times when it comes out of nowhere.” Nayeon also picked Jihyo as the member most likely to succeed in society, sharing, “We went to a company dinner and the employees said that if she worked at a company she would get a lot of love from her superiors and be able to move up fast.” However, Jihyo said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard that.” When Kim Shin Young joked that TWICE’s financial success should lead to a new building for JYP Entertainment, TWICE shared that the company is indeed planning to move buildings, including the establishment of an organic restaurant in the building. (Park Jin Young is known for his love of organic products.) Kim Shin Young said in surprise, “He has always said that he wanted to have a restaurant in his building and it’s finally coming true.” cr:soompi
  18. EXID's Junghwa shares friendly selfies taken with past labelmate TWICE's Jihyo EXID's Junghwa posted lovely photos taken with TWICE's Jihyo. On April 15, Junghwa shared two selfies with the TWICE member via Instagram. In the caption, she expressed much affection, stating, "Jihyo, everything is pretty about her. Unnie loves you lots." The two idol stars' friendship started even before their debut. Junghwa trained under JYP Entertainment for 5 years prior to her debut in EXID. Meanwhile, Jihyo is known to be one of the stars who went through the longest training under JYP. Many are loving the unchanging friendship of the former labelmates, and commented, "So cute", "Lovely." CR:allkpop
  19. Haters Claimed Nayeon Was Throwing Shade At Jeongyeon, The Next Day The Two Went On A Date During TWICE’s recent concert TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park, Nayeon teased fellow member Jeongyeon by ranking herself 1st in TWICE and Jeongyeon 9th. After hearing Nayeon rank Jeongyeon as 9th (to which Jeongyeon jokingly admitted), reporters mistakenly believed that Nayeon was giving out rankings based on concert merchandise sales. And while it was true that Nayeon’s personally-designed picnic blanket did sell out the first day, it did restock the next day and did not completely sell out by the end of the concert. ONCEs noticed that Nayeon had drawn up a “ranking list” on her personally-designed picnic mat, which similarly ranked herself 1st and Jeongyeon 9th before sales even began. Theories surrounding Nayeon’s mysterious ranking system include how affectionate they are to her. While all the members of TWICE are close friends, Nayeon and Jeongyeon are among the two closest friends, having trained for years along with Jihyo and almost debuting together under JYP Entertainment as 6MIX before TWICE. In fact, during the same concert, Nayeon and Jeongyeon performed the only duet stage, covering 2PM member Taecyeon’s “My Ear’s Candy” as a couple. And during Nayeon’s emotional ending speech on the 3rd day of the concert, it was Jeongyeon who came to comfort her when she broke down in tears. It’s clear that Nayeon and Jeongyeon are super close friends, and Nayeon’s comment about member rankings was clearly a joke between TWICE and ONCE that was misinterpreted by the media. In fact, the day after the 3rd concert, the girls had the day off and Nayeon spent the day on a date with Jeongyeon. UPDATE: And it seems like Nayeon and Jeongyeon saw the fan-taken photo! It’s safe to say that 2yeon has stayed unbothered by the comments about their friendship. cr:koreaboo
  20. TWICE reveal they didn't like the overly cute choreography for 'Cheer Up' TWICE shared their initial reaction to the choreography for "Cheer Up". On the May 3 airing of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3', Dahyun revealed, "Unlike how we may seem, we are actually not very good at doing cute stuff." She then explained the dance moves to "Cheer Up" and said, "We appear doing the flower stand pose and Nayeon unnie gives us water." Nayeon added, "The atmosphere was cold when we first saw the dance because we were startled. After seeing the parts, I just hoped I'm not the one giving the water. But that ended up being me." cr:allkpop
  21. K-pop provides a wealth of fashion inspiration for anyone looking to update his or her look. Whether it’s a simple, daily look or something a little more adventurous, here are some styles from currently promoting K-pop stars whose outfits from their new release concepts are perfect additions to a more chic yet wearable look: Festival Flair The queens of MAMAMOO are giving us serious closet envy with their styles for “Starry Night.” The boho looks have that Coachella Music Fest feel while the gorgeously long, flowy dresses and tattered jean shorts are great for that “extra” summer look. Solar’s look from head to toe is everything: the fish-braid hair, dress with interesting tribal print, peek-a-boo cuts, and sandals Each member rocks her own style; we’re wondering if this is a fashion show or a music video! Even their performance outfits are cohesively chic! Throwback Trends EXID always exceeds our expectations with their unique sound and sexy concepts, but this time they went all out old school with their new release “Lady.” From oversized dungarees and jewel-toned sportswear to loud labels and Dr. Martens, the pieces the girls wore plus the nostalgic 90s hip-hop style definitely brought us back in time. LE shared people’s warm reactions to their unexpected style and said, “It was a concept that was hard for us to try because of our image. Since many people have expectations about our sexiness, we hesitated. The track came out and it was perfect for retro. Since the song came out that way, we thought that it was a good chance for us to try it.” Key accessory pieces: big gold hoop earrings, heavy bling necklaces, bucket hats, and Doc Martens Girl-Next-Door Style TWICE came back with another hit called “What Is Love?” and they’re making hearts flutter again with their girl crush looks and cute personalities. Consistent with their girl-next-door concept, TWICE wore mismatched bright and playful looks to fit their song that innocently asks about this curious thing called love. Fresh As Spring Lovelyz just made a comeback with “That Day,” and their pastel outfits are as pretty and easy on the eyes as Spring. What’s nice about this concept is that the looks are effortlessly pretty without trying too hard. Plus it looks totally wearable off-stage, too. Casual Cool WINNER is one of those fashionable boy bands who can pull off any look effortlessly. They don’t always go over the top, yet they still look as cool as ever. This is seen in their latest release, “Everyday,” which showed off each member’s unique charm. Seungyoon and Jinwoo’s own version of ripped jeans are seriously goals! Sleek And Sexy HA:FELT’s new release “Pluhmm” deserves more love because it gives off a refreshing, relaxing sound and sleek style. The video and outfits stand out because of its simplicity and mysterious vibe.
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    [INFO] [Alkpop] 10 BTS covers by other idol groups

    10 BTS covers by other idol groups Intro 10 BTS covers by other idol groups With BTS' comeback just around the corner on May 18th, ARMYs are no doubt on the edge of their seats counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. But while you wait for BTS to come back, between all their teasing, take some time to check out some amazing covers of BTS songs by other idols. (The following list is not in any particular order.) cr:allkpop
  23. Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like TWICE During Their “What Is Love” Promotions Dressing like TWICE may not be as pricey as you think! TWICE‘s “What Is Love” promotions are in full swing, and as always, the girls are dressed beautifully for each appearance! While some outfits are a bit on the pricey side, others are pretty affordable. Check out how much it costs to achieve the “What Is Love” look! 1. Mina’s silk shirt When the girls appeared on 1TheK‘s Ask In A Box, Mina wore this beautiful purple silk shirt that matched her skin tone perfectly. And you can get the look for around $160 USD 2. Tzuyu and Dayun’s matching cardigan Tzuyu rocked this red cardigan during a Ceci photo shoot in a stylish day look. And she also wore it on stage, during an M Countdown performance of “What Is Love”! It was also part of Dahyun‘s stage outfit! It’s a versatile item that can take any simple outfit to the next level… for ~$165 USD. 3. Sana’s sexy yellow top Sana wore an affordable sexy transparent sheer shirt for TWICE’s Ceci photo shoot. At ~$45 USD, it’s the cheapest item so far! 4. Jihyo’s pretty flower dress Jihyo wore this purple wrap dress when TWICE appeared on Happy Together 3. The flower design and ruffled sleeves make it a super cute and feminine look! You can look as elegant as Jihyo for about ~$135 USD. 5. Nayeon’s star accessories Nayeon wore the perfect accessories to her outfit during the showcase for “What Is Love” – a matching choker and bracelet set. The designer jewelry costs about ~$95 USD. 6. Momo’s chic bag Momo‘s cute day look was captured as she arrived for a Music Bank performance, and the bag she carries is super chic and easy to pair with most outfits! It comes with a price tag though, at ~$350 USD. 7. Chaeyoung’s stylish shoes Chaeyoung knows airport fashion is about being stylish but comfortable, and her slip-on vans tick both those boxes! Whether you’re jetting off on a quick getaway (TWICE were heading to Japan for KCON), or gearing up for a longer journey, the price of Chaeyoung’s style is about ~$55 USD. cr:koreaboo