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The Story Begins
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  1. NayeonSquirtle

    [VID] 180410 What Is Love Nightcore (made by me, hehe)

    this is a throwback omo havent listened to nightcore since elementary school
  2. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO] what is love? m/v surpassed 20 million views!

  3. i love this ad so much omo its so colourful
  4. So much stuff coming up... Comebacks are a ONCE's favourite time of year
  5. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO][KPOPHERALD] Twice asks ‘What Is Love?’

    they need sleep TT
  6. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO][The Korea Times] TWICE, EXID, A-PINK and others return this month

    so excited! Twice was already so good, cant wait for all the other groups this month!
  7. These CFs slayed my life frickin CHAE
  8. wish i couldve been one of them.... TT
  9. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO] TWICE get active for 2018 'Pocari Sweat' TV CF!

    Twice convinced me to go out and buy some pocari sweat lol... CFs work
  10. Next month Twice will be soaring after What is Love!
  11. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO] TWICE Tops All Major Realtime Charts With “What Is Love?”

    It deserves it! So much effort put in by our girls <3
  12. NayeonSquirtle

    [INFO] TWICE Reveals Which Member Surprisingly Loves To Rap

    I loved hearing my bias bb rap <3