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Pink Heart Shaker

The Story Begins
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  1. ♡ The Official MiChaeng (Mina & Chaeyoung) Thread ♡

    Submarine mode : almost on. They're playing the push and pull game again. Let's see who'll make the 1st bold move in 2018

    I swear Momo says the most random things Sana's quote slayed me!!!!
  3. TWICE Ballad Songs

    I personally like Someone Like Me so much that I set it as my ringtone. One in a Million comes in close second. What about you, guys?
  4. [DISCUSSION] What’s your most and least favorite twice song

    Hasn't someone made one already? If not, I'll start it.
  5. Hello Once!

    Hi, there! Welcome to TTF and i hope you can enjoy your stay. Your story is similar to mine. Only i first discovered TWICE from TT and after I saw all of their MVs and some variety show, I got hooked! I also stan SNSD before i knew about TWICE. (SONCE here) I guess I have a thing for 9 attractive members doing the best they can on stage and be totally wild when it comes to variety. They are wild and i totally love that. enough of my ranting, lol. Hope to see you around and keep supporting TWICE~
  6. [DISCUSSION] What’s your most and least favorite twice song

    True dat. What about their ballad songs? Somebody should open a new thread about this
  7. She's this close from bias wrecking me.
  8. Can I just take her home and hold her till the end of time? She is soooo cute!!!!!!! Our baby cub
  9. Done. Thank you and sorry once again
  10. So Sorry !!! I forgot where i found the picture. What should I do?? >m<
  11. [DISCUSSION] What’s your most and least favorite twice song

    Signal is kinda okay, though. I like Momo's part! My favourite song is Heart Shaker. Nabong's cuteness is showing in her lines Least favourite? Geez, I don't have one but Knock Knock is just average...
  12. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Maknae Line + 2Yeon That would be so epic!
  13. I must thanks God, Papa Hirai and Mama Hirai for blessing us with such cute, adorable, funny, charming, pretty, gorgeous, jaw dropping, and extraordinary talented person! Photo Credit: TV Report Korea http://tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1032694
  14. Hands down, Heart Shaker. I like her hair in Likey MV too, though. It's a close second
  15. Hello~~~ New Onces here :)

    Hi, welcome to TTF. I'm also fairly new here and i hope you enjoy your stay . I do I'll see you around, misamochan!