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  1. [MOMOIST] Momo's Hair Style

    Couldn't agree more. She can rock any hairstyle IMO
  2. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice as Girlfriend (Who would you choose?)

    Let us cry together, then
  3. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice as Girlfriend (Who would you choose?)

    Sadly, Chaeng and I don't even breathe the same air. lol How did that turn out for you and the gf?
  4. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice as Girlfriend (Who would you choose?)

    She can take me anywhere. I won't mind. I just adore this smol cub so much.
  5. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice as Girlfriend (Who would you choose?)

    I'd have Chaeyoung, please. She's too cute to be true.
  6. Once Fanclub

    @sugoimomoring how lucky. I wish I can meet Momo someday
  7. Once Fanclub

    Any news on the 2nd Generation Membership registration?
  8. cr: 시간은금! I like this hairstyle on her. WILL IT MAKE A COMEBACK?
  9. [CHAEYOUNGIST/GIF] Chaeyoung Gifs Thread

    Everything she does is cute!!!!!!!! She doesn't even realize it
  10. Aren't you a Momo stan? Then, why are your phone filled with Chaeyoung's photos and not Momo's?

    *sweats profusely*


    Disney just added 9 more Princesses to their channel. AWESOME!!
  12. [VID] 180222 TWICE「BRAND NEW GIRL」Music Video

    Not only Jeong, Sana as well