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  1. Hi ~ I also can't choose my bias.. but mostly is Nayeon x.x

    1. Onces


      Helloo :D

      yes, all of them are perfect so I can't choose T-T

  2. Jaemin1803

    Hii :3

    Hi ~ I am also new here ~ Where are you from? My bias is Mina and Nayeonnie <3
  3. Jaemin1803

    [NAYEONIST] Why did you like Nayeon?

    I fell in love with her the same time when she was in Running Man. My bias was Mina, but Nayeon became my bias when she act cute to Jung kook That is the moment I knew... I am dead. After that I saw their reality shows and I felt that she is a very natural and real idol. As in she just do things as she sees, like she thinks shes pretty and shes not afraid to own it. I mean, its not like I dislike shy idols or humble idols its just that they are so common while Nayeon is a breath of fresh air. Still, I have to like allllll members of a group before i became a fan... so it took some time to like ALL members but I have became a ONCE. <3
  4. Jaemin1803

    Hello! From Singapore

    Hi everybody... I am still confused on how to navigate this place nyahahahah ~ <3
  5. Jaemin1803

    Hello! From Singapore

    Hi! I am a new TWICE fan from Singapore ! I am not really new.. just new to the forum otl. Please follow me Twitter @Jaemin1804 and I will follow back! Singapore ONCEs also can chat me so we can meet up for concerts !!! <3
  6. Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.