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    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Thanks i have heard that as well. Does anyone have extra unused candy bong?
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    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Guys need help! Huhu. Does anyone know of a candy bong seller. Don't know kng san galing urge pero biglang kailangan ko siya. Anyone knows any meet up only or physical store that sells them. Help is much appreciated :D
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    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Seungyeon :D
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    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Username/Name: 미기 미기 Fanboy [x], Fangirl [] Birthday/Age:21 Location: Manila SNS Account/s: - Your Favorite Twice Member: Nayeon, Sana, and Momo Other Kpop Groups That You Like: CLC, Red Velvet, Infinite, Exo Message: Hi
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