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  1. I WANT SNACKS good for tzuyu
  2. LinYuBear

    [enter-talk] TODAY IS TWICE'S 1000 DAYS

    1000 days! TWICE fighting!
  3. LinYuBear

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    GET: Pocari Sweat INSERT: Unfinished Hw.
  4. LinYuBear

    "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    thanks then I'm not the shortest gonna edit
  5. LinYuBear

    [DISCUSSION] What is your favourite emote??

    the ones I made myself I made a lot of TWICE emotes after the emote revamp, probably going to use them in the next emote revamp.
  6. LinYuBear

    [POLL] TTF Age Profile

    I'm turning 12 in 3 months
  7. ohhh, I love that. Wished I have an album to decorate >~<
  8. LinYuBear

    Your TTF Emoji Based On Your Personality

    is there a choice "crazy and stupid"
  9. LinYuBear

    What Does Your Username Mean?

    It's boring and simple. Just a nickname that my classmates gave to me.
  10. LinYuBear

    "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    151cm (anyone calculate for me) but I will probably grow taller (my height is actually kinda average)
  11. I don't like Red Velvet's songs but irene...
  12. LinYuBear

    what's that one thing you're not good at?

    I watch a lot of Running Man but I can't run fast.