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Keezo Sama

The Story Begins
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  1. Happy Chaeyoung Day y'all:cy-hug:

    Rip... a bit late:cy-fluffy:







    Hope y'all are doing well btw:sn-lub:

    1. Phebe


      Waww they actually said happy birthday to Chaeyoung at the front of the building :o

    2. optzumistic
  2. Keezo Sama

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    Ahhhh rip Sorry, I didn't read that properly at first Can I have C then please?
  3. Keezo Sama

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    Oh wow umm... quite a difficult choice tbh... I'd say both but I don't have enough wonce I'll take Minatozaki please
  4. Oh and by the way...

    I'd like to show my appreciation to the people here:ty-peek:

    It took me a while but I'm finally in The Story Begins era:mn-blush:

    So thanks for everything!! Love y'all and stay classy:twice-hug::satzu-gj:

  5. What Is Love? theme:mm-wow:

    My life rn... I'm literally dying on the inside from waiting for TWICE's comeback:jy-aww:

    Just sucks that they postponed the release of the album by a day:ny-sad:


    At least we'll still get the music video, right? I mean... Since comeback date it still the 09/04:ny-hmm: right?... RIGHT!?


    (Exhale) This is so frustrating...

  6. Keezo Sama

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    Can I get a Sana one please?
  7. True that @Tako
  8. Keezo Sama

    [VID] 180406 What Is Love M/V Teaser 5

    I'm legit dying to get this album
  9. That whole photo is a hearteu
  10. Dreaming of being Jokbal and tryna eat herself maybe
  11. Momorin's visual for "What Is Love?" though
  12. Keezo Sama

    New Twice Addict Here

    Hello and welcome to TTF @MrDespair Hope you enjoy your time here, the people here are amazing so you'll be well taken care of I trust that you've gone through the rules and guides here(lol) Btw, I can never get enough of Momo's voice she's way too aegyo, GOSH! She is like one of thee most precious gems on the planet
  13. Tzuyu: Mirror, Mirror... Who is the fairest? Nayeon: Nayeon-ie Tzuyu: Mirror, Mirror... Who is the fairest? Nayeon: Nayeon-ie Tzuyu: Nayeon: It's true, Mirror said so Tzuyu: Mirror, Mirror... Who is the fairest? Nayeon: Nayeon-ie Tzuyu: I'll quit!
  14. Keezo Sama

    [GAME] Kpop songs

    Congratulations GOT7