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  1. Damn, Sana and Dubu got me swerving again! Not like this! AHHHHHHHHH
  2. I love this gif! I can't believe no one recognized em, I'd be losing it!
  3. Long Weekend photos, was pretty amazing! :ny-pose:








  4. I am alive! :ny-lol:

    1. optzumistic


      yay! dont disappear again though :dh-lol::ny-nono:

    2. Lupay


      Yeah, I've been meaning to take a break from hanging out with friends so much. :ny-nono:

      I have a lot to get done this summer and having more time to be active here would be much needed! :ny-yes:

    3. Lost Penguin
  5. You disappeared again :jy-eww:

    1. Lupay


      LOL ive been hiking alot, don't worry ill upload some photos! :ny-cute:

      I've got 100 + photos to sort through so ill delete the ugly ones LOL :ny-lol:

      I miss ya too Lust Pengy! :ny-pose:

    2. Lost Penguin
  6. Twice's "Cheer up" had me hooked on Momo But I wasn't really a fan of Twice back then Fast forward to "TT" and I just couldn't stop listening and I found Nayeon!
  7. This thread always makes my day better
  8. chose the lesser yes, so i guess that's a no get rekt
  9. Likey for sure, a friend of mine shut down Twice over and over again till he saw that video LOL (GOT EM')
  10. Lupay

    [FANART] Mine and a Beautiful Penguin

    This is the best!
  11. Lupay

    i just join! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

    Hello Ariana! Welcome to TTF! I hope you enjoy ur stay here!

    Been hiking and going outside a lot :dh-lol:

    Sore af from this 9 hour hike though, remind me not to go outside anymore :mn-hehe:

    Glad to be around TTF again, sorry I was gone :jh-pout:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lupay


      Lust Pengy is always welcome to come hiking! :jh-1inamil:

      Mind you I'm pretty far away but oh well lol :sn-lol:

    3. Lost Penguin
    4. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      Dat caption tho. :ty-notbad:

  13. Hope everyone has been well! :ny-cute:


    Been busy with someone I love, i think.. :ny-pose:


    It's hard to say, but for now I'm going to brush it off for now and move on I guess.. :ny-mope:

    Enough about me tho, how's TTF? :ny-look: 


    Miss all of you! :ny-chu: