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  1. Happy Wendy Day! 





    RV performing at the olympics, I thought I'd never see it!:mn-gasp: 



  2. [DISCUSSION] PAK Emoticon

    When you’re sad: When you’re happy: When you’re scared: When you’re excited: When you’re dying inside: When you’re bias is slaying: When you’re bias wrecker is wrecking your bias: When TWICE goes into dark and sexy concept: When TWICE comes to Canada to do a concert: TWICE WITHOUT MAKE-UP
  3. [DISCUSSION]Aegyo Gif

  4. [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    1. Do It Again 2. I Think I'm Crazy 3. Truth 4. Candy Boy 5. Like a Fool
  5. Thanks to everyone on TTF for my first day won! :jh-rose:


    This is great news seeing as I had such a busy weekend and I am pretty exhausted atm :ny-look:

    I joined this lovely community 4 weeks ago and it's been such a good time!:mn-peace:


  6. 💜  Happy Solar Day! 💜





    "I'm just a pervert, not an insane one!" - Solar 2016







  7. TTF members nickname thread

    Don't matter to me
  8. what's that one thing you're not good at?

    That's rough, I've had Nocturnal Epilepsy since 2014 and it's hard living life feeling like I'm a burden to everyone around me
  9. A year with pup kek

    Grats on the one year!
  10. Nayeon has the most lovely instagram posts! That's the smile that got me!
  11. These are awesome! Twice FMVs are fun and I'll be sure to check em all out!