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  1. A very happy birthday to my buddy :congrats::minayeon-hug:

  2. Happy birthday for whenever you come back to see this. :ty-notbad:

  3. Just saying hi, been busy as usual :ny-look:

    I plan on spending more time alone tho, I really need it :sn-speechless:

    Hopefully everyone is doing well! :ty-pose2:

    I'd be great if TTF could become active again, I miss hanging around here :jh-myheart:

    (new emoticons are going to take some getting used to) 

  4. Shoutout to Tzuyu on her birthday! :ny-rawr:

    She really is an amazing member and has had me swerving since day 1! :ty-hehe:


    As a Nayeon main I can't believe I'm saying this, but she wifey material! :ny-look:



    1. Keezo Sama

      Keezo Sama

      Welp... of course Tzuyu's waifu material... it's Tzuyu:ny-yes:

  5. Well I've been out of the house quite a bit lately. It's both and a good/bad thing.

    I forgot how being alone isn't such a bad thing and it really seems necessary every so often.


    As someone who used to spend most of my time alone, it's great to have such good company nowadays.

    Today I'm headed out canoeing which should be scary seeing as I am horrible with water!


    But it's about time I stop getting in my own way and living my life to the fullest.

    I know I keep saying I'll be more active on the forums, but it's a bit hard when I'm not home.


    So love all of you and I will time manage way better to finally be around a lot.



  6. Damn, Sana and Dubu got me swerving again! Not like this! AHHHHHHHHH
  7. I love this gif! I can't believe no one recognized em, I'd be losing it!
  8. Long Weekend photos, was pretty amazing! :ny-pose:








    1. Phebe



    2. optzumistic


      o nice, so aesthetic lsdjlkj

  9. I am alive! :ny-lol:

    1. optzumistic


      yay! dont disappear again though :dh-lol::ny-nono:

    2. Lupay


      Yeah, I've been meaning to take a break from hanging out with friends so much. :ny-nono:

      I have a lot to get done this summer and having more time to be active here would be much needed! :ny-yes:

    3. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      I'm relieved :jh-heart:

  10. You disappeared again :jy-eww:

    1. Lupay


      LOL ive been hiking alot, don't worry ill upload some photos! :ny-cute:

      I've got 100 + photos to sort through so ill delete the ugly ones LOL :ny-lol:

      I miss ya too Lust Pengy! :ny-pose:

    2. Lost Penguin
  11. Twice's "Cheer up" had me hooked on Momo But I wasn't really a fan of Twice back then Fast forward to "TT" and I just couldn't stop listening and I found Nayeon!
  12. This thread always makes my day better
  13. chose the lesser yes, so i guess that's a no get rekt