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The Story Begins
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  1. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] For our true angel, Sana <3

    The speedpaint is finally here! <3
  2. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART]Happy Birthday Chewy!

    Thanks! <3 Thanks as always <3 I'm glad that you're always here to check them out! Thank you! Thanks! Thanks a lot! <3
  3. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART]Happy Birthday Chewy!

    Aw thanks <3, yes, she definitely deserves it xD! Fret not, there will be more soon! *epic lotr song in the background* Happy Chewy day!!
  4. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART]Happy Birthday Chewy!

    You might have wondered why I was taking so long to update the WIP. There was something really important in the way xD It's the birthday of our beloved Yoda(errr), #Tzuyu!Our maknae really captivates everyone with her beauty and savageness(#prayforJihyo)Happy Birthday Chewy! Please continue to put smiles on our faces <3#HappyTzuyuDay As soon as possible I'll upload the speed painting Video! Check and follow me on my other social media: Site: www.sammsworkshop.com Instagram: @samms_workshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Facebook: www.facebook.com.br/sammsworkshop
  5. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] Flower Princess Momo(In progress)

    Aww you guys are awesome <3, all that support for just a sketch xD. I'll do my best! please look forward to it =)
  6. I'm finally back! xD This time I'm tackling a quite hard painting o.o, I think I'll take some time to finish it ^^', so I decided to share the process with you! First of all, I'm so in love with the wedding dress photo shoot <3 If someone has the full book, please tell me <3 For now, I only finished the sketch, but please stay with me on this one, I'm sure that the result will worth it! For now, I made a rough blockage and started to play with the flowers. It's a learning process for me as well, but stay tuned!(geez I sounded like cartoon network) Check my social media for paintings, tutorials, and WIPS: Site: www.sammsworkshop.com Instagram: @samms_workshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Facebook: www.facebook.com.br/sammsworkshop
  7. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] Cheer Up Dubu!

    Aw thank you <3 Thanks <3 and thanks for following me as well <3 Holy crap I just realized that JYP blinks in this gif hahaha that scared me Thanks as always <3 Aww thanks for the support as always <3
  8. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] For our true angel, Sana <3

    Thank you!
  9. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] What is love? Swanguin Mina Version <3

    Thanks <3 There's actually a speed painting of this one, check it out here: <3
  10. Sammy_Jhoness

    Angel Sana (WIP)

    Oh it would be a dream XD I'd be tip toe jumping like a kid hahah Thanks!
  11. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] Cheer Up Dubu!

    This time, our dear Dubu receives a new painting! She's been through some hard time with a health problem, this is my way to motivate her. =] Keep on a bold face against this problem! <3 Hwaiting! Soon I'll add the speed painting, please look forward to it! Check my social media: Website: sammsworkshop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammsworkshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Instagram: @samms_workshop
  12. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] For our true angel, Sana <3

    thanks a lot <3
  13. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] What is love? Swanguin Mina Version <3

  14. Sammy_Jhoness

    Angel Sana (WIP)

    hahahh thanks for the support
  15. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] Happy Chaeyoung day! For our smol tiger <3

    Thanks a lot! <3 Thanks!! I'm pretty sure that you can, It's all about practice and patience xD Hwaiting! Thanks! HappyB Chae! <3 Thanks! The one you used are more than enough xD <3 Thanks a lot I'm really glad that you liked it! I see that you're checking many of my drawings lately, thanks for the support <3 I actually made one of Jihyo! I didn't post it on my website because I don't think that it's at the same level as the others ^^'' I plan to make a new one! Please look forward to it =D