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The Story Begins
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  1. Awwww That smile tho, OMG! That smile tho, OMG!
  2. [FANART] Twice Profile photo.

    @TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeonWaaah, thanks for giving me an offer. I want it! But, just do when you have a freetime.
  3. Get REKT by TWICE. OLO.

    Woah, thanks for guides mates! I hope we can extend our relationship in here.
  4. [FANART] Twice Profile photo.

    Woah! Nice pictures tho
  5. OMG, i like that oppaya and cheese gimbap aegyo.
  6. New Once

    Welcome to TTF fellow ONCE! I hope we can extend our relationship at this forums. Enjoy your stay at this forums! I hope you can visit this forums often. Cheers
  7. introduce my self

    No, he didnt play DOTA.
  8. Fool's Gold (SaMo x NaMo)

    Ooooooh, so cute.