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  1. shucks anybody still has the video and don't mind sharing?
  2. losernoob

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    zzz couldn't get any merchandise. But on the flip side i manage to win the hi-touch!
  3. losernoob

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Going to get my merch from carousell. People already putting up their lists.
  4. Lucky Japanese fans!!
  5. Siao 6am.. Was actually thinking of queueing but now i guess i will jus order them from carousell or something
  6. Did u queue for merchandise last year?
  7. I want them photo cards too... Will there be websites that we can mass order them 1-2 months later?
  8. 1am queues in the rain too.. Fierce
  9. Any1 has the original Japanese text??