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  1. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Seats to buy

    Hi, can i ask for suggestion that which seat should i buy in the upcoming concert in KL? cuz i've never been to a concert before and i have legit no idea which seat can get a good view https://www.facebook.com/imemalaysia/photos/pcb.1756369644423852/1756368194423997/?type=3&theater
  2. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION]Twiceland Kuala Lumpur

    okay. I will send you some photo if I did go to the concert
  3. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION]Twiceland Kuala Lumpur

    we can take selfie with them?
  4. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION]Twiceland Kuala Lumpur

    YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i can get the tickets thanks for da news
  5. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION]Twiceland Kuala Lumpur

    Hi, uhm... are Twice really coming Malaysia? cuz I've been reading some articles about Twice coming to Malaysia on facebook Just wanna ask if anyone knows since I cant go to the concert in Singapore bcuz $ is like 3times higher that RM and Im still a student :(
  6. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    i want to :/ cuz its the closest stop to my country and i think they would come to Malaysia me too, one day
  7. tzuyutzuyu<3

    [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    Hai, does anyone know how to get the ticket so twice Singapore's tour? Or it havent started to sell
  8. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Hai :D

    Hi Phebe! Thanks for the guide to the page :D And the gifs are done thank you for your kindness Thank you very much!
  9. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Hai :D

    its okay i did it :D thank you very much :D
  10. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Hai :D

    Hi nice to meet you too :D
  11. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Hai :D

    thankss but maybe the gif i chose is too big cuz its only shrink until 1.2mb and it stops
  12. tzuyutzuyu<3

    Hai :D

    Uhm... Hey :D Im from Malaysia :D Please be nice to me :3 one question ._. how do u make ur profile pics as gif :/
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