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  1. Paseo

    TWICE "What is Love?" M/V "REVERSED"

    hoanonononoaa hoanonononoaaaaa noanoanoanoanoa weeweweweweweeee lol
  2. Is that kiss rly happen (on the lips)? lol
  3. Paseo

    [FANART] TWICE - LOONA Inspired Pics

    Bless your edit
  4. if this talk about the audio, I found TURTLE and MELTING is more interesting to non-kpop people. (especially turtle with the bababa baraba baya part and the acoustic arrangement) Maybe next ill try with SAY YES coz it has a similar atmosphere. Or just introduce the title track to send the earworms for those Generation Z lol
  5. Heard TT for the first time : "Just like TT"?? "Neomuhae neomuhae" ??? what an overrated song, no vocals tech needed Watch TT MV for the first time : sugoi
  6. I think she suit the rom-com the most. she can act the flirting lines well lol
  7. twice pls do more shitposting like this, ahahah i love twice when being extra !
  8. Its a bit hilarious that she became fully awake when the chicken arrives lol
  9. omg, do you sing too?
  10. I need to check my blood glucose level after discovered this thread
  11. Thanks phebe ! OOF, its not but thanks hehe
  12. Paseo


    love the Likey one because of the "open-space" feel tho.. the Cheer up one is next on my list lol