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  1. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    Okay I think this is my new top 10: You in My Heart Cheer Up Likey Signal Jelly Jelly TT Melting Going Crazy Do it again I'm Gonna Be a Star Most likely going to change again soon.
  2. The trend continues! In my latest dream I was watching a Twice commercial on my computer, I think it was for Loreal lipstick... How fun.
  3. MrDespair

    [TZUYUIST]Happy Birthday Tzuyu

    Happy Tzuyu day all!
  4. MrDespair

    [Discussion] Your fav Twice song based on lyrics

    I'll list a couple that haven't been mentioned yet. Melting: Jelly Jelly:
  5. MrDespair


    Hmm, can't vote, I like them all.
  6. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    This is too difficult. I really like Signal and Likey (and a bunch of other songs) a lot more now and need to find space to fit them. I guess I will need a top 20 list instead.
  7. I thought I'd have to fly there, I don't even have a passport. Assuming they came to my country, I guess it would also be really crowded. I am terrible with crowded areas. How would foreign fans also communicate with them? Maybe I could speak to the J-line with my extensive Japanese vocabulary, "nani?!?, takoyaki, kamehameha!!!"
  8. I don't really go outside... I'm okay with just seeing them in my dreams lol. Hehe it might just be.
  9. Just had my third Twice dream. It is sad though, each dream is getting less interactive and the distance between them is greater and greater lol. In my first dream I was talking to Dahyun and was even carrying her since she was injured. In my second dream I was watching Mina from the sidelines and didn't speak to her. In my third dream I was at home simply watching NaMo's (I think) vlive... I can already imagine my next dream. I won't be able to see them at all, I will just be listening to one of their songs, the song of course will be TT.
  10. MrDespair


    Happy Dahyun Day! Dubudubu looking very cool in that pic. I wonder if she finally got over being a new adult over the last year.
  11. Almost forgot there already was the perfect song to represent all members.
  12. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Whose name is your favourite?

    Them being the first and second oldest makes it even more funny.
  13. No worries. I'm not sure if I'm answering your new topic correctly but I'll try. Really love Momo's rap in Do It Again: And when she says her Antenna line in Jelly Jelly, I just melt!
  14. Loved Cheer Up and the choreography the instant I saw it. Dancing Mochine Momo was the first member that caught my attention, then eventually came to love all the members and their other songs.
  15. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Whose name is your favourite?

    Momo's name is too cute. Also really like Sana. Im Nayeon is also cool. Before I knew I kept thinking people were saying "I'm Nayeon" thinking many people were relatable to her. They are all nice names really.