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  1. MrDespair

    [VID] 180812 KCON LA 2018 - TWICE Performances

    Yea, I think she moved the mic away from her mouth for a second when she heard the heavy breathing. It was just more funny to see Nayeon speak because her breathing was interrupting her speech a lot more.
  2. Pretty cool relay dance. Dahyun caught my eye the most, she looked really good covering Momo's killing part.
  3. MrDespair

    [VID] 180812 KCON LA 2018 - TWICE Performances

    Jihyo's English sounds really good, she should speak some more. Nayeon needing to catch a big breath after DTNA, being the oldest taking its toll haha j/k. Amazing that Chaeyoung was not breaking a sweat after that dance.
  4. Yay, cyber high 5! That scary glare from Pinky oppa though...
  5. Wow, Korean bread must be amazing for it to beat cake 8 to 1! I would also side with lone Chaeyoung picking cake over bread. So cute and funny at 2:45 when Chaeyoung said "sorry" to Nayeon when she dropped her answer stick.
  6. Hehe, the Japanese was simple enough for me to understand most of it, except for Nayeon. Jeongyeon, "Stay at home all day and play games" is playing the role of Mina??
  7. MrDespair

    [VID/IG] 180803 twicetagram Story Update

    Jihyo was so cute. I can imagine if Jeongyeon was in that situation she would shove Nayeon away haha.
  8. My newest Twice dream involved NaTzu being part of a parade. They were on a float and Tzuyu's little sister was even there, even though she doesn't have a little sister... Or at least some little girl that she was treating like her sister lol. Well, there were weirder things happening like Tzuyu vaping on the float...
  9. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION]Use a color to represent each TWICE member

    Ooooh, time for a battle royal over purple. Who will stand on top? Nayeon seems most devoted. Mina's secondary colour is also pretty close to purple. Grand battle is Nayeon vs Mina. Nojam bros both chose black and purple, amazing lol.
  10. They must be getting ready for a kiss? cr: https://twitter.com/Sapphire_1225/status/1020907622122237952
  11. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] How would you party all night long?

    This, I guess. I hope to improve my staring skills the way Tzuyu does it.
  12. Jeongyeon explaining the album and just finishes with, "yeah!" Everyones face is pretty funny when Nayeon does her sudden aegyo lol. She is just practicing, nothing to see here. Chaeyoung mentioning cucumbers as the food she'd bring to the deserted island and Momo glances at her as she hates cucumbers lol.