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  1. MrDespair

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    Just realised that Tzuyu and Mina's Marvel powers can coincide with their super powers from Signal M/V heh. Which Marvel heroes would they be according to their powers from Signal? Tzuyu (super strength) - Hulk Chaeyoung (telekinesis) - Scarlet Witch/Jean Grey? Dahyun (clones) - Multiple Man? Mina (hypnosis) - Doctor Strange Jihyo (??) - Hawkeye (I'm not sure if Jihyo has clairvoyance or just good eyesight lol, Hawkeye has good eyesight...?) Sana (invisibility) - Invisible Woman Momo (super speed) - Quicksilver Jeongyeon (freeze time) - Reader??/Legion?? (not too sure about this) Nayeon (time travel) - Cable/Bishop?
  2. MrDespair

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    All good. Sure, no need to credit me though, just watched it from this video: They were actually asked specifically of Avengers. Which also makes me realise that Rocket is technically not an Avenger? Dahyun's reaction to being Rocket was hilarious though. What a world we live in where Moguri is not the raccoon! I'm thinking Nayeon and Jihyo love Iron Man and Thor so much they would maintain their pick lol.
  3. Haha, does such a thing exist? To become bias with all would equate to having no bias???
  4. Maknae doing their job, that was some major cuteness overload.
  5. MrDespair

    [VID] 180715 ONCE ❤TWICE 1,000 DAYS

    Angry Mina was the best moment! (where be the angry Mina emote???) Tzuyu telling members to speak in English and then proceeds to recite the alphabet LOL.
  6. Agree, I think she would look better putting on a little weight.
  7. Just had two Twice dreams today. The first one I don't remember too well, but I recall it being another uninteresting one where I was just watching Twice videos. Should that even count as a Twice dream...? The second one was much better. Tzuyu was at my house. We were sitting on the couch watching TV and casually chatting. She was speaking Chinese to me lol. I think we were childhood friends in this dream. It was a sweet moment. Tzuyu starting to climb my list, and now she is trying to bias wreck me from my dreams. I need a Momo dream fast!
  8. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION] Opinions on Dance The Night Away

    Indeed, maybe I can start calling her Jihyo-tan now. Oh yeah, when Nayeon sings, "You and me in the moonlight" and Sana, "You and me in this cool night" I like to pretend they're talking to me.
  9. MrDespair

    [DISCUSSION] Opinions on Dance The Night Away

    Hmm, catchy enough for me to unconsciously sing, "If you want to have some fun..." multiple times a day haha. I think it does its job of being a fun summer dance song, but compared to their other title tracks, I might rank it on the mid to lower side? Although I would have to give it some more time. I didn't particularly like Signal and Likey when I first heard them, but now they are near the top of my list!
  10. Wow, love the stage set. Everyone looking really pretty too. Tzuyu seems to stand out here, her live sounding good and her hair looks great! Dahyun needs to improve her stamina? She sounded out of breath for her part. Fighting Dubu!
  11. Don't miss Nayeon's triple wink at 6:59 to 7:15. She definitely upgraded her winking abilities.
  12. MrDespair

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    According to Jihyo and Nayeon from Ask In A Box they said... Tzuyu - Hulk Chaeyoung - Spiderman Dahyun - Rocket Mina - Dr. Strange Jihyo - Thor Sana - Scarlet Witch Momo - Black Widow Jeongyeon - Hawkeye Nayeon - Iron Man
  13. MrDespair

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: MrDespair Post Count: 1 MILLION, I mean just 100 Award Requesting: "HEARTSHAKER" - Momo
  14. Hehe, they are mentioning Momo's circle thingy a lot in their current promotions: Momo should make some choreography with that for fun.
  15. MrDespair

    [VID] 180712 SBS PowerFM 2PM Cultwo Show - TWICE

    Hope Jeongyeon's pet is doing better, it's sad to see any Twice member cry. :( Very heartwarming to see Sana and Jihyo take care of her. The story of Chaeyoung meeting the taxi driver with her photo on the dashboard was interesting. It could have been any other member. The fateful encounter!