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  1. Becaus it's ISAC Season again... throwback to some JeongTzu crumbs during last's ISAC :D
  2. ccjeongtzu

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Activity/Performance Wishlist

    HAHAH PLOTTWIST hahha! I just realized that it's been a while since they sang on live radio. I wish they'd do this moreeee, their voices are lovely
  3. Ahhh looks like we won't make it as the first GG to reach 400m. I'm not being negative, but practically, it looks like we won't. The competition is quite stiff :( I hope ONCEs won't get as disappointed and fanwars won't break out left and right.
  4. ccjeongtzu

    [VID] 180812 KCON LA 2018 - TWICE Performances

    On another note, I really love the KCON LA 2018 Crowd. Twice's performance was extra fun to watch because of all the loud cheers compared to all the music festivals they've been to this year in Korea. And maaaan, that special stage. I'm literally crying for MoJiTzu They slayed that stage!!!! I mean, I've seen fancams from several Twiceland, but seeing them perform it in front of American fans (with proper camera work) is something else!!!
  5. ccjeongtzu

    [VID] 180812 KCON LA 2018 - TWICE Performances

    hahaha but also Nayeon having the need to talk after the performance is srsly funny, you can hear how hard it was for her to do hahaha.
  6. Hahaha. Do not take our Kim Heechul too srsly. He falls for any adorable female idol. But I have to admit that Momo is one of his top faves. And I'm just glad Heechul is an official, and proudly self-proclaimed ONCE.
  7. ccjeongtzu

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] Do you like Dahyun blonde?

    I think all Twice members look great with any hair color. But yes, Dahyun looks great in blonde <3
  8. The Western market really has a certain taste that most KPOP acts would find it hard to break through. Groups with more mature/western-ish concepts such as Blackpink and BTS would definitely find it easier to get hold of the Western market, regardless if they sing in English or not. But the amount of people finally accepting KPOP in the West is already an impressive number now compared to like five or ten years ago, and I'm just glad it's going this way <3
  9. ccjeongtzu

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Activity/Performance Wishlist

    I was lowkey going to suggest a mystery/thriller themed one, then I see this extra specific plot idea HAHAHAHAHAHA Also completely unrelated, I was re-watching Twice's KCON LA 2018 performances and wonder when they would let Twice sing with less backround vocals. The girls can definitely sing, and the live perf sounds better with live vocals 😭 background vocals lack the natural dynamics of their voices. I wish they'd let them do this more
  10. ccjeongtzu


    KCON LA is such a fun event. I'm glad so many ONCEs came to watch, the fanchants had been nothing but awesome 😭😭😭 And getting End of Time performance without relying on fancams is probably the greatest thing ever 😭😭😭
  11. ccjeongtzu

    [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    I think I may have splurged much for the past 3 months 😭 I only became a ONCE last April and have gotten these so far Albums: The Story Begins Page Two (Mint Version) Twicecoaster : Lane 1 (Apricot Version) [ incoming ] Summer Nights (all version with PO benefits) [ incoming ] BDZ (A) Other Merch: Twice Marie Claire August 2018 Twiceland Fantasy Park Zone 2 Chaeyong and Tzuyu image picket [ incoming ] Candy Bong [ incoming ] Once Official Fan Club benefits
  12. ccjeongtzu

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Activity/Performance Wishlist

    AHH YESS. I remember loving Super Junior's movie years ago. The plot was crazily simple but it was really awesome. 😭😭😭 I wish we could see Twice do something similar 😭😭
  13. I am for whatever style she goes for. She looks stunning either way!
  14. So Nayeon, Dahyun, and Jeongyeon are in a Givenchy event today, and can I just.......
  15. ccjeongtzu

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Hello!! Filipino ONCE over here! Bagong salta lang sa FANDOM last April!