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  1. She should prolly act alongside her sister. And we see where this goes
  2. Jajangmyeon


    I approve of Jeongyeon doing aegyo! I loled at this
  3. So I hope this bowl of noodles goes well with her eyes (and digestive system)!
  4. Jajangmyeon


    I think wait till a few years later, when they will be more experienced, and they will have their own social media accounts.
  5. Jajangmyeon

    [DAHYUNIST] dubu is love dubu is life

    Dubu is the best of all :)
  6. Rom-Com fits her And if it's vampire themed, even better At the very least the makeup artistes won't have to do much lol
  7. Jajangmyeon

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Yo everyone!
  8. Jajangmyeon

    [DAHYUNIST/VID] Dahyun Speaks English Randomly

    Her English ain't that bad actually.
  9. Alright, this is funny lol I chose daughter is because, I am older than her by about a decade. 2nd, there is no sister option. Heh
  10. Jajangmyeon

    Hello everyone. :)

    Hello! I am surprised that we can find our PM appearing here Do good, do together!!
  11. Jajangmyeon

    Hello everyone. :)

    Hello I do miss myself being in the early 20s though, a period when SNSD, 2NE1 and APink were the craze. They were the ones who brought me through my army days (we were required to serve the mandatory 2 years of military service). And hello to the rest as well, I am a moderator of another forum, so I kinda know how you guys work. Now all I want is to sit down, have a cup of coffee and have a dose of my books, TV series and music. :)
  12. Jajangmyeon

    Hello everyone. :)

    Hi all Signed up after listening to their latest single What Is Love I must say for someone like me who hasn't touched Kpop for a really long time, that song just brought me back to Kpop. Chanced upon this forum as I figured out that with TWICE's fanbase level, there would be an international forum much like Girls' Generation's Soshified forum (and yes I sound old). A little bit about me - from Singapore, kinda reaching middle age soon, loves watching Running Man. Apart of that, I will spend some time chasing TV dramas, reading books at the library (I like historical stuffs). And I faithfully watch Running Man ever since their inception in July 2010. I used to chase idols, but given my age now and the responsibilities that I have, I no longer have the energy to do idol chasing, but still reading their news and supporting them from the heart. I leave the chasing to the younger people. :) And in case anyone asks who is my bias, I am torn between Dahyun and Jeongyeon as they were the 1st 2 members from TWICE that caught my eye. But I guess now it's Dahyun. :)
  13. Jajangmyeon

    Myself and Twice

    Welcome welcome!