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  1. They really bothered to make a shirt out of that expression lol
  2. Jajangmyeon

    Since When and how you became ONCE?

    I knew TWICE's existence but didn't really got into them due to busy work. It was only What Is Love promotions started then I got into them totally (and because I was already about to resign and my workload gradually decrease) There you go
  3. Jajangmyeon


    She leads the girl crush concept
  4. Jajangmyeon

    Hello ONCE

    Have a good time over here! Welcome!
  5. Jajangmyeon

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Welcome to this fun place!
  6. Jajangmyeon

    TWICE TT Road to 400M

    Still streaming TT
  7. You need to jot down your dream as soon as you can. Dreams are made to be forgotten over time especially the finest details You will be able to only remember major details like "Jeongyeon was in my dream" that kind
  8. Jajangmyeon

    [VID/IG] 180807 twicetagram Story Update

    I hereby declare Nabongs is the queen of twicetagram IG stories
  9. The girls are having a really good break before flying to LA!
  10. Jajangmyeon

    [FANART] BDZ - Desktop Wallpaper

    Indeed, been watching RM faithfully since its inception in July 2010 Knowing Bros also use this too
  11. So... they just released a bunch of teasers these past 3 days I made another simple one, dimensions 1920x1080 Let's get it!
  12. Elegant dancer now taking a break in Japan~
  13. Jajangmyeon

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    Still on last post!
  14. Jajangmyeon

    [GAME] The Ctrl + V Thread

    I was copying Jeongyeon's pic lol