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  1. Post-concert withdrawal symptoms are real


  2. Jajangmyeon

    [INFO][KPOPHERALD] [V Report] Twice’s Tzuyu celebrates birthday

    Yeah, good to hear she is happy and enjoyed her birthday!
  3. Jajangmyeon

    [netizenbuzz/nate] Sana is a bagel girl at the airport

    Everyone is going crazy over the pictures
  4. Lol @ the netizens...
  5. 샤샤샤! 샤샤샤! 샤샤샤! 샤샤샤! 샤샤샤! 샤샤샤!

    1. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      chingureul mannaneura~~

  6. Jajangmyeon

    [JEONGYEONIST/POLL] The Ultimate Jeongyeon Poll #1

  7. Congrats OP!
  8. Wow that's good to hear
  9. How to deal with hot weather at night? :dh-tt:

    1. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      Maybe turn on 5 electric fans and put an icebox full of ice in front of the fan and i think it'll be cool enough to beat a hot weather hahaha this just one of the methods there are more hahaha

    2. RainbowFluffyPanda


      drink plenty of iced tea might help.

  10. I posted the pic somewhere already, go take a look :)
  11. Jajangmyeon

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Their subbing team are all humans so give them time lol The videos won't go away
  12. Meanwhile Looks like they are preparing in progress for a comeback
  13. Jajangmyeon

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    I was told it will be available 12 hours after the broadcast ends
  14. Did anyone see the latest pic of TWICE? Seems like either she grown her hair, or she put extensions. Looks like she's going feminine on their next comeback
  15. They have a teaser on who's gonna be the host. Mmmm I wonder who
  16. Jajangmyeon

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Not yet, there are 3 videos in total
  17. I have watched the MV... and kept looping it lol Nekoya nekoya neko neko nekoya...
  18. I think I can handle it, lol
  19. Jajangmyeon

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Anyone saw her on Vlive with Tzuyu? Gonna watch the subbed one later when it becomes available