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  1. Does anyone else have biases for groups they don't stan? Like, I don't even listen to Got7 because I'm not into their music, but Youngjae is really cute lmao. Just look at this: and Mina from Gugudan is so pretty, I'm tempted to stan based on looks alone lmao: I have a bunch of other favorite members from groups I don't stan, but if I list them all this thing would be waaaay too long Someone please tell me that they do this too lmao
  2. heartshaken


    Thanks, I like my username too 😂 You have a fic that has the same name? Cool! What's it about?
  3. heartshaken

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    TWICE's Nayeon mentioned in a Philippine TV show! May nakakita na ba nito? Last year pa nangyari pero shooketh pa rin ako hahahaha omg
  4. heartshaken


    Aww, thanks! Your 100% makes me jealous though. Like, super-jelly. Like, Jelly Jelly Ok that was an awful pun I'll leave now sorry 😂😂😂
  5. heartshaken

    Hello, everyone new ONCE here.

    Welcome to TTF! Hope you make lots of friends & enjoy your stay here!
  6. heartshaken

    one year of swag

    Relatable af lmao 😂 Anyway, congrats on one year!
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    I got Momo for the first quiz! And I got 92% for the second quiz. Which makes me salty because I was so confident I'd get 100% lmao 😂
  8. heartshaken

    [DISCUSSION] What was your first impression on Twice?

    Me in 2016: Their songs are super-catchy but also really annoying. I get why they're popular, but I don't like them Me in 2018 when a new Twice song comes out:
  9. I'd love to see Nayeon in a youth comedy! Since she's so funny & energetic in real life ^_^
  10. Does anyone else change their bias on a daily basis or is it just me? :ny-mope:

  11. Hi @heartshaken

    Welcome to TTF

    Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask about anything

    1. heartshaken


      Thank you! :sn-pew:

  12. heartshaken

    Hii ! Newbie Here

    Hi, welcome to Team Twice Forums! Hope you have a great time & make lots of friends here!
  13. I high-key stan all of the groups on this list except for Got7 (and the only reason I don't stan them is because I'm not into their music, which is a shame bc all of the Got7 members are flipping hilarious.) I'm pretty alarmed by how accurate this list is 😂
  14. There are so many high-quality photos of Tzuyu here omg 😍 Don't mind me, I'm just gonna go through all of them one by one & obsessively download everything like the Tzuyu trash that I am 😂
  15. heartshaken

    noob here, nice to meet you! :D

    @momo pls be my mom Thank you!