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  1. Hey ONCE! We have a great news for you. Join #MCPxONCEGiveaway and stand a chance to win tickets to #FantasyParkinJKT! Just follow these instructions and be as creative as you can. Good luck and see you soon! Note : Mecimapro (MCP) is the Official Organizer for Twiceland Zone 2 Fantasy Park in Jakarta
  2. Myoui Mintul

    [GIVEAWAY] Mecimapro Twiceland Zone 2 Fantasy Park Jakarta FREE Ticket

    Please try <3 Why? Will you came to Jakarta if you win?
  3. Myoui Mintul

    Hello ONCE

    hallo bro welcome to the club ! Jangan lupa mampir ke Sub Forum Indonesian Thread, banyak kakang mbakyu syantiek <3
  4. I've dreamt about Mina before Dance The Night Away. Hmm there may be also Sana but i can't remember very well
  5. Romantic Comedy The scenario about young married couple sounds fun!
  6. Myoui Mintul

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Welcome to here fella :) Feel free to ask us anything, make sure you keep active :)
  7. Myoui Mintul

    [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    Online Collection Someone also gives me DTNA Album Ver B. not a long time ago <3
  8. Myoui Mintul

    [GIVEAWAY] Mecimapro Twiceland Zone 2 Fantasy Park Jakarta FREE Ticket

    Please let it be another person who really can go to concert so there is no waste of lucky winner :) No Don't forget transport + accommodation cost
  9. Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu All Translation done by / Credits and Source belongs to jaagiyaa from Twice is Life
  10. Myoui Mintul

    [INFO/VID] TWICE Greetings about Twiceland Jakarta Concert in SBS-IN

    Okey then Translation Thread
  11. Myoui Mintul

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    wah kalau "mau" mah semua pasti juga mau bro
  12. Even SHINEE's Key got red in his Face when Sana use her aegyo
  13. Myoui Mintul

    [!!!] AUGUST EVENT


    728 1:06 AM (GMT+7) 05/08/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY)
  14. Myoui Mintul

    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    ah that, rel suggest me for change my theme to What Is Love (or you can change to DTNA theme if you want)
  15. Myoui Mintul

    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    i need an clear explanation for what kind of spam is not allowed, because tbh some of member still do that and i don't see they got warning or punishment for that.
  16. Happy Birthday, Andi! (it's Andi right? or Andy? Hahaha sorry if I made mistake.)

    1. A.Moguri


      Thanks, its Andy btw. XD

  17. 안녕하세요 JYP엔터테인먼트입니다. 7월 28일 말레이시아 쿠알라룸프르에서 진행 예정이였던 TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2:Fantasy Park’ IN KUALA LUMPUR 공연은 현지 공연장의 안전 문제로 인해, 부득이하게 취소하게 되었음을 알려드립니다. 아티스트 및 관객의 안전을 최우선으로 고려하여 결정한 사항임을 양해 부탁드리겠습니다.TWICE를 기다려주셨던 많은 팬 분들께는 진심으로 아쉬운 말씀 드리며, JYP엔터테인먼트와 TWICE는 앞으로 더 좋은 공연을 만들 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2 : Fantasy Park’ in KUALA LUMPUR Cancellation Notice This is JYP Entertainment.It is with great regret to inform you that TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2 : Fantasy Park’ in KUALA LUMPUR which was scheduled 28th of July, 2018 has been cancelled due to safety issue in the venue.We ask for your generous understanding that this decision has been made considering the safety of the artists and audience as our top priority. We are truly sad to deliver this announcement to all our fans who have been waiting for TWICE. JYP Entertainment and TWICE will put more efforts.
  18. Myoui Mintul

    [MERCHANDISE] Summer Nights Photocards & Extra

    I got the B Ver. from someone <3 Here the content: (CD Cover is Jihyo in Black Suit) (Message Card is Chaeyoung)
  19. Myoui Mintul

    [DISCUSSION] Dance the night away outfit

    And what you do next after get enough proof?
  20. Myoui Mintul


    Kamusta Ka Po? Mahal Kita!
  21. Myoui Mintul

    [DISCUSSION] Dance the night away outfit

    Okay, so, what do you want from us to do?