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  1. Vevo was terrible though.. they censor lyrics
  2. the ones they're eating are rarely found on deserted island.. coconut perhaps
  3. MooseLover

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

  4. MooseLover

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    ini serial apa serial, banyak loncat2... mboten mudeng
  5. MooseLover

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    ini kok jadi ngomongin belalang tempur...
  6. MooseLover

    Twice managed to win me over xD

    fandom wars hehehehe well, there are people here that supports more than one group so enjoy your stay and have fun~
  7. If dispatch goes down, another would take its place because rumor sells. What they need is a better privacy law and enforcement of the law, maybe a Judge Dredd...
  8. with the system as the way it is now, this will continue to happen
  9. MooseLover


    Since we're from the same country, i dont count~ but hi anyway~
  10. no, the arrest was made today on the 17th. he was reported on June and July last year and investigation for one year leads to the arrest today.
  11. i think Shaun still have some credible background when it comes to his music career while Nilo..
  12. MooseLover

    Bias Wrecker

    Jihyo really stands out on the MV
  13. This is reaching in the most reach-desperate ways. It's called "concepts" and every boy/girlband that have/is/will walk this earth is going to follow them so similarities to other performers will show up. Unless SNSD has their own patented concept then it is pretty much public domain and could not be called as copying.
  14. midnight snack is best snack