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The Story Begins
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  1. must be slow news day
  2. MooseLover

    [INFO][koreaboo] TWICE looks without makeup

    without makeup... hahahahah so funny... does a bit of powder and lipstick doesn't count as makeup now?
  3. the exchange rate is determined by the bank, so it might be different than the web result and it is fixed on the date it is billed to the bank. Since i already got my message from the bank then the exchange rate will be this date but no idea of the exchange rate until i see the bill.
  4. the price you pay for being a fan...
  5. i only bought 9 pin badge (the character one, one of each) and 2 keyring (dahyun and chaeng), comes down to $60-ish and then shipping was $60 too.. i'll get the rest during concert...whatever is available...
  6. it's online now i'm going to try my luck with dubu cushion on concert but for the badges and stuff i think i'll preorder the price of the goods i ordered is equal to the shipping cost... it's like buying TWICE but you only get ONCE...
  7. this is the site: They better bring dubu cushion or else
  8. i usually shop at kpopmart since they're based in Korea but even they dont have most of the goods, so it's nice there's an alternative and my credit card company will love the extra number
  9. i didnt know such site existed...
  10. still a bit strange with GFRIEND taking so many spot on top 10
  11. So in this universe, Twice merchandise is Thanos?