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  1. MooseLover


    Your signature alone fill up half of my screen
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    hello and thank you for the spam post~ please follow the rules on posting and use the introduction board to introduce yourself
  3. can we request an animated emote for that one and the forehead on vlive? pretty please?
  4. MooseLover


    She's perfect OMG ps: why isn't this on the spazz thread?
  5. is unification even possible at this point? or any point in the near future? i think the divide is quite big that a "unification" might actually take many years or even end up as still a separate countries but with a peace treaty instead of an armistice.
  6. MooseLover

    Elo has entered the battlefield

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    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    I'm a Dubustan, throw it to me
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    Hello ONCE

    hello and welcome, enjoy the forum and go check out the Indonesian member thread in discussion~
  9. wow, good luck everyone~
  10. MooseLover

    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    so basically, there's a calendar event for this activity. you go to that calendar event and select "going" and comment on your last post count as per registration. You will have till the end of the month to increase your post count :D
  11. coming from asian country and reading articles like this makes you stop and step back for a bit and look at your surrounding. KPOP IS BIG ALREADY!!!111oneoneone... We got SuJu members opening Lotte Duty Free Shops, Blackpink Lisa was here last week promoting online shopping Shopee, we can attend concert in local and neighboring countries with ease. We got it good... Now the problem starts when the artist(s) wanted to break into the American music market and started singing in English... not my favorite part of the journey...
  12. The case of Hyuna and E-Dawn is a bit complicated where a senior idol with a stable fan base dating a junior idol just debuting. The impact of the relationship news on Hyuna is low but for E-Dawn and Pentagon, it's like a kick in the balls and will have severe impact on their fan-base. It might not have been a big deal if they're not some part of a co-ed group (which they are, poor third guy as wheel) or if they don't go behind their agency and go public on their relationship. as terrible as it sounds, i don't think the fans really do mind if their idols date (only some will mind, but those are probably too delusional) just not like how it happens right now.
  13. MooseLover

    Hello!! i'm new here!

    #1 go spazz on each individual member threads #2 go to discussion corner and discuss #3 go to news and read/reply to them #4 once you hit 50 posts, join the chatbox #5 have a good time #6 wash, rinse, repeat
  14. MooseLover

    Hello!! i'm new here!

    welcome to the forum you should update your profile for the bias, location and gender (all optional!)