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  1. MooseLover

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    ho..lha ini ada orang lama muncul..
  2. too excited to make the post eh? miss spelling on the title :D
  3. MooseLover

    An Open Letter for Everyone

    wow, that is a beautiful comeback poster...
  4. Passport fee is only 300K for the 48 page normal type (e-passport 48 page is 600K), no Visa required to go to Singapore since we're ASEAN country so extra money can go to eating :D lots of nice food place in SG.
  5. My calculation based on leaving from JKT and SBY gives different result, cheaper if you fly in from JKT and shorter distance too. If you fly from JKT and spend from Friday till Monday in Singapore, hotel and flight will start at 2M Rupiah (you get a hostel in chinatown :D) while from SBY it will add 1M Rupiah from the flight alone. Then you need to add transport (SMRT is cheap, so take that) and living cost + ticket prices (not sure about this one yet, not announced) so probably around 4 or 5 M Rupiah?
  6. No, September, the HallyuFest 2018 they got EXID!!!
  7. MooseLover

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Gak masalah, yang penting duit-nya kakak
  9. MooseLover

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    angpao-nya mana kakak~~~
  10. lol some of those comment are so pressed