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momo pls be my mom

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  1. momo pls be my mom

    [INFO] TWICE's MV for 'What is Love?' reaches 100 million views!

    Yaaay! congrats
  2. momo pls be my mom

    [FANART/GIF] What is Love? - 100M Views

  3. momo pls be my mom

    [DISCUSSION] What was your first impression on Twice?

    "oMG why is ThEre SO MAny PeoplE"
  4. momo pls be my mom


    Momo and 83% (oops)
  5. momo pls be my mom

    Twice Poetry Part 4-9 Nayeon

    I love it!!
  6. momo pls be my mom

    Hii ! Newbie Here

    Hello and welcome @.BLANK.!
  7. momo pls be my mom

    noob here, nice to meet you! :D

    Hello and welcome!
  8. momo pls be my mom

    [INFO] Jeongyeon poses in pajamas with sister Gong Seung-yeon

  9. I could like never afford any of those I absolutely love Sana's outfit!
  10. momo pls be my mom

    [VID][FMV] WAKE ME UP, Twice - 8 bits

    Oh, I have not! Thanks for the link <3