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ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
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Everything posted by ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

  1. Seollondaa me Likey Likey Likey!~~ hahaha
  2. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    Your TTF Emoji Based On Your Personality

    aww just kidding~~ Hahahah I think your kinda right though hahaha no need for a sorry cause I'm always fine hahhaa
  3. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO][KPOPHERALD] [V Report Plus] Twice’s ‘Tzu-liet’ Tzuyu proves her warmheartedness

    Hahahah I love that concept hahha
  4. Now that's what I call successful kpop idols hahahha
  5. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO/PIC] TWICE(트와이스) "What is Love?" M/V 100,000,000 VIEWS

    Yehey!~ ahahah broke records hahhaa
  6. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO][KPOPHERALD] [V Report Plus] Welcome to Twice Chaeyoung’s strawberry farm

    I wanna go and eat there ahahaha
  7. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO] TWICE's MV for 'What is Love?' reaches 100 million views!

  8. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    Your TTF Emoji Based On Your Personality

    You're not 'childish'. You're just 'child' Ohhhh okay right then ahahaha
  9. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO][PIC] Twice Officially Fan Club Generation 2 Logo

    Wish I could join in the fanclub ahgahaha
  10. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO] Netizens react positively to TWICE Chaeyoung's new makeup style

    That's the Little Lion of Twice her aura is really cool hahaha
  11. Hahahah maybe she is and she is my bias wrecker hahaha
  12. Hmmm I though Mina Momo and Sana are Japanese members? ahahha well still its pretty amzing ahaha
  13. Hahahah this is so cuute cause other idols are a fan of them hehehe
  14. Hahahah yessss! that's my bias hahaha
  15. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    Your TTF Emoji Based On Your Personality

    Hahahahha I chose Brave and Active ahahha but even though I chose that I'm still childish and quite crazy every single day hahahah but not too much hhahha
  16. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [FANART] Flower Princess Momo(In progress)

    Hahahahah suuree!~ ahahahah
  17. His more of like a father to his artists well more like sons and daughters that he takes good care of hehehe
  18. My queen I will stay by your side ( as a back-up dancer maybe hahaha high hopes and dreams)
  19. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO] TWICE win #1 + Performances from April 27th 'Music Bank'!

    The queens kpop won again!~
  20. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [INFO] Twice marks a hit in Japan for 3rd straight time

    The perfect example of true ambition and determination hahaha idk what I'm saying