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  1. oof i've been gone for a while and senpais still haven't re-noticed me.

    (if that doesn't make sense i had an old popular acc but i got locked out and then after a bunch of talk with mods i'm here now)

  2. i changed my username!

    i went from dubudubudahyun to dailydahyun :dh-eh:

  3. hola it's dEeP vOiCe. remember me?


  4. i'm kinda mad that my favorite emoji is gone, the nayeon with a fish hat on.

    these are really hot tho: :ny-ew::ny-gummy:

    1. Myoui Mintul

      Myoui Mintul

      are you the one from TwiceIsLife Discord?

    2. dailydahyun


      nope, sorry. i don't know who/what that is.

  5. oh hi younger me.

    i really missed being popular on this account when i was younger i made so many great friends. :cy-tt:

    if you're reading this, and i used to be friends with you on the account shy shy shy, please drop by my new account (i have permission) @dubudubudahyun

  6. dailydahyun

    The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    this. is. real. and whoever doesn't agree can fite me
  7. oh wow this is the best thread on this website
  8. dailydahyun

    [FANART] You wouldn't believe what I've just did...

    wowiewowiewowie that's really good
  9. dailydahyun

    The Official DubChaeng (Dahyun x Chaeyoung) Thread ♥

    ikr! they're both adorable and great rappers, put them together and pOW you get an explosion of dubchaeng
  10. dailydahyun

    [FANART] Flower Princess Momo(In progress)

    WOW! that's a masterpiece!
  11. my cat ate my ramen so i threw a noodle at him and he ate that too

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RainbowFluffyPanda


      i see, even cats can't resist ramen :dh-heh:

    3. Black rabbit

      Black rabbit

      @RainbowFluffyPanda Yeah! Nobody can resist ramen.


      Now, I want some!


    4. dailydahyun


      @RainbowFluffyPanda ramen's irresistible :ny-fish:

  12. dailydahyun

    [FAN EDIT] i made this for dahyun's birthday :3

    wow!! i know i'm late but that's really good
  13. dailydahyun

    The Official DubChaeng (Dahyun x Chaeyoung) Thread ♥

    this is my actual favorite ship
  14. hihihi remember that annoying kid billy on discord? that’s me! :jh-cheer:

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias
    2. Lovely Mae

      Lovely Mae

      Hi annoying kid Billy xD it's been a while kiddo

    3. dailydahyun