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  1. oSana Means Family

    [INFO] Twice's new song - Dance The Night Away

    "Dance the Night Away" sounds very generic, something that a former Jersey Shore member or a Real Housewife could come up with but I'm still extremely excited and can't freakin' wait, didn't expect the comeback to be so early in July!
  2. oSana Means Family

    [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    1) Look At Me (too fun and amazingly produced to not love it) 2) Eye Eye Eyes (endless fun and the vocals in the chorus are just flawless) 3) Ice Cream (Nayeon slayage) 4) Someone Like Me (Mina slayage) 5) Rollin' (same quality as "Look At Me" but I like it ever so slightly less) "Signal" is definitely my favorite TWICE album.. "Only You" is very generic but the other 5 songs are easily in my top 10 favorites!
  3. oSana Means Family

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Who is the best dancer out of the Koreans?

    yeah, during their debut Jihyo was the only one who could pull off the "Ooh-Ahh" butt shake choreo perfectly because she actually has curves..
  4. oSana Means Family

    [DISCUSSION] What was your first impression on Twice?

    "wow, these girls don't blend together like a lot of other group members do" and also "wow, that girl with the short hair is stunning".. (while watching "Likey")
  5. oSana Means Family


    if you take this or this into consideration, I'd say probably "Ooh Ahh" or "Signal"..
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