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    Wonpil ( Day6 )
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  3. The Ctrl + V Thread

  4. First Word You Think Of

  5. TWICE Signal Cover

    Here I am again and finally with a full cover ♥♥ I learned Signal faster than the other titles, it's so catchy that was stuck in my head so I basically recorded all of them in.. five/six hours the day of its release and I was so proud of myself! A friend helped me mixing the song so it would be really meaningful if you can leave comments here and in the comments section below my cover! Please enjoy ♥
  6. [OFFICIAL] NaChaeng (Nayeon+Chaeyoung) Thread<3

    nachaeng rise ♥♥ cr. heartlipped
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  9. First Word You Think Of

  10. First Word You Think Of

  11. Rate the Song Above You

    7/10 Far East Movement feat. Tiffany - Don't Speak
  12. First Word You Think Of

  13. The Ctrl + V Thread

  14. TWICE - Knock Knock Cover

    Hey there everybody!! Long ago I did a short cover of TT and I'm here again for let you know that I did Knock Knock the day after its release!! Like last time I sang over the original song ( head/earphones please ) so you can hear TWICE in the background Also I would like you to leave a comment here and below the video in the comment section ~ Hope you like it!!
  15. The Ctrl + V Thread