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  1. penguin7788

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    Seat location please? Hi, not sure if you're still active now . But how did you make purchase on kstar website? I get that it shows Sold out before logging in , but there are VIP tickets available after logging in .. However, the 'Make payment'button wasnt clickable after entering my details above it .. Did anyone else experienced the same ? https://imgur.com/a/brfUEl0
  2. penguin7788

    [INFO] 2nd Generation Official Once Verification Starts Now

    Sorry for the late reply , looks like everyone who verified successfully till now are all assigned Once Candy. Not sure if it's a glitch or not , so .. enjoy while it lasts? xD Yea, long have I waited for the card . Idk what to do with it but im excited af hehe
  3. The day has finally came How to do it ? 1.Go to Interpark to copy the Reservation number including the alphabet ( mine starts with T ) , followed by series of numbers. 2. Go to JYP Twice's fans > Edit> FIll in required details . 3. Verification succeed .
  4. Twice Official Facebook page just posted the poster teaser for their upcoming song , which will be aired on 9th July 2018 , 6PM KST. Cheers
  5. I fancy Burberry stuffs a lot and hence I couldn't help but posting this . https://imgur.com/ulqgH2k Bag : The Medium Rucksack in Technical Nylon and Leather £950 https://uk.burberry.com/the-medium-rucksack-in-technical-nylonleather-p40166221 Key chain/ charm : Thomas Bear Charm with Rucksack £170 https://uk.burberry.com/thomas-bear-charm-with-rucksack-p40300821
  6. penguin7788

    [NAYEONIST] Where can i get this hat

    Mind sharing the video / pic again ? Otherwise I suppose you (girls?) mean this : Here you go . https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=568582065206&amp;ali_refid=a3_430583_1006:1110355476:N:气囊帽:66853fb28d46b6237fb08933f13b5054&amp;ali_trackid=1_66853fb28d46b6237fb08933f13b5054&amp;spm=a230r.1.14.1&amp;sku_properties=20509:4054751
  7. I didnt mean to offend OP just that 24 month contract doesnt justify the free ticket Especially it wont be a VIP or Fantasy zone ticket .
  8. https://business.facebook.com/notes/watsons-malaysia/twice-fantasy-park-giveaway-by-lipice-terms-and-conditions/10156328848662118/ TL;DR : Buy any LipIce product and stand a chance to win Twice concert ticket in Stadium Melawati , Kuala Lumpur on 28th July 2018 . Don't forget to show proof of purchase in the link provided.
  9. I would rather fork out RM638 for Fantasy zone ticket if I could get it ( too bad I only know Twice after the ticket goes on sale in Malaysia , I dont want to pay RM688 for VIP zone which is further and more expensive) And I would never settle myself to ticket scrapers .. so yea, better luck for me next year
  10. penguin7788

    [INFO]Twice 2nd Generation Recruitment Notice

    It's actually not quite a trouble , just that new users are not so familiar with how things work This is how big cooperate operates which peasant like me would not get it in the first place .
  11. penguin7788

    [INFO]Twice 2nd Generation Recruitment Notice

    Well , this is what I read before this. So all we can do is just wait as it worked like that last year . Cheers .
  12. penguin7788

    [INFO]Twice 2nd Generation Recruitment Notice

    Maybe you are not at the age for spending spree Till then just support them wholeheartedly should be fine .
  13. penguin7788

    [INFO]Twice 2nd Generation Recruitment Notice

    https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&amp;Num=739 Found this after reading the entire thing again , guess we have to wait till 30/06/2018 . Why ? Because one can refund the 'ticket' before 30th June , so they would not want ppl to get verified and get refund for it . This is my assumption , and will check again if others come out with something else.
  14. penguin7788

    [INFO]Twice 2nd Generation Recruitment Notice

    Hi, I'm new here So, I've paid for the fanclub , what do I do next ? I remember seeing post somewhere saying I have to key in the Confirmation code as Reservation number in JYP twice fan club , but that doesnt work .
  15. Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.