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  1. Elumi

    [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    i really want this shirt lol can anyone tell me where i can get this
  2. Elumi

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Welcome!! nice intro title lol
  3. Elumi

    -모챙 TV2 Episode List-

    oh bboi bless you lol why did i see this just now i'm too late
  4. yeah i know that feeling lol you took a photo with twice then you wake up check your phone and there's no photo it's just so dissapointing seems so real sometimes
  5. this is so easy!! of course rom-com cutie-sexy romance-comedy!!
  6. Elumi

    Hello ONCE

    ill giv u a heart for being active lol lets be friends also thanks for the follow
  7. Elumi

    [enter-talk] WOW IS TWICE FOR REAL...?ㄷㄷ

    oh boi they are doing great !
  8. IKR!!! she's so talented but not much noticed
  9. Elumi

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] Do you like Dahyun blonde?

    yesss but i like red hair dubu more ! i guess im weird lol
  10. Momo is for jokbal and for jokbal only
  11. Elumi

    Hello ONCE

    welcome to ttf!!
  12. too busy to go there even if i won lol