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  1. Neomuhae

    ♛ The Official 2Yeon (Jungyeon x Nayeon) Thread ♛

    (Min. 12:56 to 13:54 from the vid in Spoiler). In 13:24, Nayeon to Jeongyeon: "Tell me honestly, up to this point you act like you don't like me, but you actually really like me, don't you?". This is Nayeon again being an explicitly non-shameless flirt with Jeongyeon. Still, let's appreciate the fact of Nayeon saying it in a pretty serious way, like, she doesn't even try to make it sound like a joke -when it suppose to be so, right? xD Plus, just watch the others's reactions. Jihyo it's like WTF and say "That's how unexpected she can be" obviously surprised of her boldness. But Jeongyeon's reaction is the best (real shook xDD), just check the full scene cause it's worth it: Perfect moment to discuss about 2Yeon sexual tension No but seriously, with most of the ships I just joke about it, but 2yeon is pretty intense with moments like this one. Jihyo says Nayeon's words are "unexpected", but I think the unexpected thing is the fact of her saying it, this way, in front of the cameras xD cause seeing how flirty is Nayeon, just imagine it when they're in private (plus, her dirty mind has been proved several times, so all we know what this girl is about). ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) I'm not trying to label what they are, I just point the fact of them being flirty in an actual serious way, mostly Nayeon, cause their relationship kinda has developed like that. Let's gonna call it... romantic tension hahaha But what do you think?
  2. Neomuhae


    Welcome! Three weeks and you're already a devot Once hahaha That's what kpop makes to people (inducing) xD PS: I'm moving on. How hard is not having anyone to fangirl
  3. Since Tzuyu is not a physical-loving person the other members are just more cautious xD
  4. Never forget Jeongyeon acting like Gollum. Nayeon is a dramatic person in herself
  5. Mina does things that actually seem not to fit in her personality. xD Like flirting
  6. Neomuhae

    How I ended here??

    I honestly didn't planned to inscribe me in a forum, but here I am. I'd never imagined I could be into kpop either, nor even that obssesed with something that isn't Fifth Harmony or currently Camila Cabello. Still. Things happen. I wanted to introduce myself but since I prefer not to post my name and age here, I'm just going to explain you that nowadays I'm not able to pick any bias of Twice. I can say I'm between Sana, Momo, Dahyun or Mina, but seriously, this is too hard for me. Anyway... I ship a lot. Like, a lot lot. (Had to be clarified). Hope this place makes me feel like I have some company as a Once. See you around! PS: Wasn't expecting the emoji thing. <3