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  1. Sushibun

    [VID/ENG/TWT] BDZ Narration M/V Translation

    Thanks for posting this! Understand the MV now HAHA
  2. Sushibun


    Starwars x Dragon Ball crossover!
  3. Sushibun

    Head over heels for Momo!

    Sorry for the late response, thanks to everyone who welcomed me here!!
  4. Sushibun

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Welcomeeee! The battlefield always enjoys having more people!
  5. Sushibun

    Hello ONCE

    Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy your stay here and make many friends!
  6. Sushibun

    -모챙 TV2 Episode List-

    Need more eps!!!
  7. Sushibun

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Activity/Performance Wishlist

    Basically sounds like them playing mafia HAHA. And still waiting for more MoChaeng TV2 eps ):
  8. All I do is splash water when I wake up, whoops
  9. Definitely rom-com! But could see her in some sort of school drama as well!
  10. Yeah, heechul just jokes around with everyone! Love that Momo went down and shot the m/v with him and kyung hoon together!
  11. Momo would be too good for Heechul
  12. Sushibun


    I think my favourite was when she had that ombre blueish/green tips going on during Cheer Up era!
  13. Sushibun

    Hello!! i'm new here!

    Hellooo! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here