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  1. I really like Nayeon's somehow. Her autograph is really cute with the heart and Momo's one is unique.
  2. That's great! VIXX finally get all the attention that they deserve!
  3. Lol the Minayeon one is the cutest!!
  4. HI!

    WELCOME TO TTF!! I'm an Indonesian ONCE too! HAVE FUN HERE!!
  5. WELCOME TO TTF! have fun here!
  6. I think it depends. There are some who ship them as friends, and there are some who ship them and want them to date.
  7. 1.Jeongyeon, 2.Sana and 3.Mina! Jeongyeon is really beautiful
  8. South Korea is known for their fashionable and sometimes even crazy phone case designs. Many idols are seen rocking cute cases but TWICE‘s Momo takes the crown. TWICE fans have noticed that member Momo have a very nice collection of phone cases. The styles vary in type but we are all jealous of how great they look. Check out some of their cases! cr: Koreaboo
  9. I'm not 18 yet huhu.
  10. Fighting, ONCEs <3