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  1. happy birthday!!!!! i miss u TT

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Tricky Wickey Twice cover from Indonesia

    ahhh aku ngefans banget sama kalian!!
  4. Even though TWICE didn’t debut too long ago, they’ve already released a ton of merchandise. While most fans know about and probably have all the album photocards and posters, there are a few rarer goods that most ONCEs don’t even have. Here are sixteen of the rarest goods that TWICE has released so far, and how they were originally available. While most are still available online from resellers, the prices have actually changed drastically, so we’ve also provided the original cost of obtaining each of these items! (“N/A” is used if the item was given out at no cost and if it is now too rare to determine its value.) 1. CGV Postcard Set During their debut “Like OOH-AHH” promotions, TWICE teamed up with CGV theaters for a special TWICE Combo popcorn set. Fans who purchased one of these special sets received 1 Large “Banana Shake” Popcorn, 2 drinks, and a random TWICE postcard. Only the 10,000 customers received postcards, making the full set incredibly rare to find. Initial Price: ₩10,500 each Approximate Current Value: ₩70,000 each 2. Strikezon Ball For their promotions with Strikezon Sports, TWICE released limited-edition baseball with individual member printed autographs. To obtain one, fans would have to play three rounds (which costs a total of 48,000 KRW according to sources) and receive one ball each.
  5. BLACKPINK’s Lisa said TWICE’s Momo is one of the best dancers among idols during MBC’s FM4U radio show. During the show, BLACKPINK members played a speed quiz game and when Lisa was asked who the best dancer was, she quickly answered it was Momo. “Lisa, who do you acknowledge as a great dancer between all idols?” “MOMO!” — BLACKPINK’s Lisa Check out the whole radio segment down below! cr: koreaboo
  6. Rate the Song Above You

    4/10 i honestly don't really like this song lol BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
  7. Candy Boy

    WELCOME TO TTF! Haha, we all feel the same way! I really want to meet them too~ Have fun here!
  8. Asia’s top girl group TWICE has nine lovely members that anyone would be lucky to date. But while any fan would love to date any of the members, there are some pros and cons that each members might have. Nayeon Pro: Her angelic voice can make all your troubles go away. Nayeon’s fun sense of humor will always keep you laughing. In her own words, she’s a good girl to date! 150519 SIXTEEN Ep 3 – Santa Tell Me #TWICE #트와이스 #Nayeon #나연pic.twitter.com/APcVnpnpy0 — 나연 (@imnayonce) July 24, 2017 Con: She’ll won’t hesitate to ditch you in a heartbeat if she sees a cute baby on the street. #Nayeon and her obsession with baby pic.twitter.com/S06uPyvbKm — 니사 (@SherryNiss) June 5, 2017 Jeongyeon Pro: She’ll take care of you and make you feel warm. She prefers the “childhood friend” type over the “bad boy,” so your dates will be very sweet and memorable. Con: You might get jealous at how close she is with fellow member and best friend Nayeon. Jeongyeon really offered her arm for Nayeon to take omg #2yeon pic.twitter.com/NYEhot4uAE — ㅤ (@hiraistethics) July 14, 2017 Momo Pro: Momo is a true foodie and she’ll love to go with you to all the hot new food spots. TWICE (트와이스) – Momo Explains Her Loving Relationship With Jokbal pic.twitter.com/Y4EDm5DExX — TWICE대팬고맙다 (@kirara2233) June 17, 2017 Con: She loves mayonnaise…A LOT. 御社のマヨネーズのCMキャラクターに『TWICEの平井もも』いかがですかっ!?٩(//̀Д/́/)۶ 味の素( @AJINOMOTOPARK )さん!ケンコー( @kenko_mayo )さん! ※2回めw#TWICE #트와이스#MOMO #모모 #平井もも pic.twitter.com/MKrWkazIgh — いけひろ(변태) (@ikedahirotaka) July 12, 2017 Sana Pro: Sana’s an absolute angel and anything she does comes out adorable. Greetings. Let’s get closer~! ♡ pic.twitter.com/M1ES55eVe4 — SH.) 사나 (@mntxzksana) July 24, 2017 Con: She doesn’t cook with organic vegetables. So if you need organic, then you’re out of luck! Jihyo Pro: Jihyo’s aegyo is legendary even among the TWICE members. Just one move can make you melt for sure! I just had a mini heart attack Jihyo wae??? #박지효 #트와이스 #원스 #parkjihyo #thomas#twice #once #aegyo #godJihyo #oppayapic.twitter.com/vsW5UAoT73 — thomas kim (@chengimnida) July 26, 2017 Con: She might be the next CEO of JYP Entertainment, so she’ll probably be super busy. Mina Pro: She loves gaming, so if you want someone to play League of Legends or Overwatch with, Mina’s the girl to call! Con: She’s a Cowboys fan. Dahyun Pro: Dahyun‘s a kind-hearted angel who always thinks about others before herself. Con: If you’re easily embarrassed, she might not be the best date to bring on the dance floor. I suddenly woke up just to remind everyone stan Kim Dahyun and her eagle dance im serious#twice#dahyun #SIXTEEN pic.twitter.com/MjQB4WWgdY — CD (@dosedosebente) July 11, 2016 Chaeyoung Pro: Chaeyoung is a real artistic soul! She’s always creating unique pieces of art that will just blow you away. #모챙 #챙모 #채영 #모모 #MOCHAENG#CHAENGMO #CHAEYOUNG #MOMO #TWICE i love art girlfriends who paint togetherpic.twitter.com/jZPiG8N3JF — chae and momo pics♡ (@mochaengtv) May 20, 2017 Con: Chaeyoung likes to walk a fine line between cute and cringe. A very fine line. chaeyoung’s cute ninja dance pic.twitter.com/EpnqV0IXq9 — isa (@hwniheeyeon) January 27, 2017 Tzuyu Pro: Tzuyu loves pet so she’d be the perfect girlfriend for a pet-lover! Her love for dogs is truly the purest thing in the world! Con: She might be taller than you. Tzuyu is currently over 1.7cm (5 foot, 7 inches) tall, and she could still grow more! With heels on, she could even break 6 feet! cr: koreaboo

  10. cr: 별사타앙