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  1. People should be really careful on giving their 'opinions' and re-check if it's true or not. Just please don't randomly accuse
  2. JeongJeong

    [VID] 180501 TWICE - "What is Love?" Selfie M/V

    I really like selfie MVs somehow
  3. Ah I wish TWICE would perform at my school even tho it's impossible
  4. she would look cute + mature! chaeyoung the policewoman is one of the best newbie because she's really intelligent and strong
  5. That feeling when you decide to just give up but then there's something telling you to fight on :"))) 


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    2. Shyness


      @JeongJeong oh crap... I feel you so hard :cy-fluffy:
      I have the same problem as you, Maths is @#$^ù*$ :mn-pout:
      stay strong, hope we'll get out of this :cy-bb:

    3. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Relatable :( It's okay, just do it. You can't control the result that will come out, but at least you can try your best :')

    4. JeongJeong


      @Shyness Yes, fighting!!

      @Ahn Haeju Thank you :jy-rawr:

  6. Mina looks so pretty doing the ballet Her older brother looks very muscular btw
  7. JeongJeong


    I would be shook at first and try to see the situation first, if she's having fun with her friends then i'll try not to approach her (even tho it'll be so hard) But if it's on a fansign I would say that I love her
  8. Goodbye stage???????????????? Feels so quick but finally some rest for them? (if they don't have any schedule)
  9. I vote for Song Ji Hyo but there will be two Jihyos so it'll be kinda confusing
  10. Wow Momoland's Bboom Bboom is still in the chart? Congrats to TWICE anyway
  11. JeongJeong

    [FANART] Jeongyeon's New Hair Color Sooo Cuuute..

    I was shook with her new hair color lol xD
  12. That is the thing that I'm most worried about I mean like, ONCEs are definitely happy with the comebacks that they're giving us but please give them rest too JYP